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Donna D'Errico (Dothan, 30 March 1968) is an American actress and model. She is best known for playing Donna Marco in the television series Baywatch.

Donna D'Errico Biography

Before appearing in Playboy, Donna DErrico owned a limousine company based in Las Vegas. One of D'Errico's first starring roles was that of Donna Marco in the television series Baywatch, from which her great success began.

Later, she also guest starred in the show Battlebots and starred in the third instalment of the horror saga Candyman - Day of Death. After leaving the set of Baywatch, she appeared in numerous independent films, including: Intervent, Inconceivable and The Making Of Plus One.

Donna Derrico nude

Donna Derrico nude

Among other private life activities, Donna DErrico also ran Spa Zen, a wellness centre in Calabasas, California.

Donna D'Errico responds to those who criticised her for her bikini: 'I do what I want'

The former Baywatch actress has been inundated with criticism for wearing a bikini at the age of 54. Donna D'Errico has no intention of being bullied by her haters. A recent post by the former Baywatch star has already made the rounds on the web….

Bikini controversy: 'I can wear whatever I want'

For Donna D'Errico, showing herself in a swimming costume has never been a problem. Not least because she became world famous thanks to her role in Baywatch, the cult TV series set on California beaches.

Donna Derrico naked

Donna Derrico naked

Last 4 July, on the occasion of US Independence Day, the 54-year-old actress and model posted a video on her social channels in which she wore a bikini in the colours of the American flag.

Donna Derrico naked

As soon as this clip of her started circulating on the web, many negative comments started coming in accusing her of inelegance. And criticising her excessive desire to expose herself 'despite her age'.

Donna Derrico hot pics

Donna Derrico hot pics

Donna D'Errico, however, decided to answer the haters with another image.

Donna Derrico hot pics

Always in costume (this time pink and white). And with a very clear caption. 'Many women have complained about my video for the 4th of July, in which I was wearing a red white and blue bikini. They wrote me "I thought you looked more elegant than that" but also that "you are too old to wear a bikini". But also my favourite comment: 'Desperate!'," she began, evidently annoyed and displeased.

Donna Derrico sexy

Donna Derrico sexy

And her post ends with a very clear message: 'Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can wear and do anything I want. Speaking of which, this is a picture of me in a bikini over a coffee table'.

Donna Derrico sexy

Donna D'Errico's career

Her most famous role, as we have already mentioned, is that of Donna Marco in Baywatch. Pamela Anderson's on-set companion came to star in the cult series after being chosen as Playmate of the Month for the September 1995 issue of Playboy.

Donna Derrico hot

Donna Derrico hot

After her participation in two seasons of Baywatch from 1996 to 1998, the actress - who now also runs a spa in California - starred in a few independent films. The latest film experience of D'Errico, a staunch vegan and animal rights activist, is in this year's film, Frank and Penelope.

Donna Derrico hot

Filmography: Cinema

  • Men in White, directed by Scott P. Levy (1998)
  • Candyman: Day of the Dead, directed by Turi Meyer (1999)
  • Austin Powers in Goldmember, directed by Jay Roach (2002)
  • Kiss the Bride, directed by Vanessa Parise (2002)
  • Comic Book: The Movie, directed by Mark Hamill (2004)
  • Intervention, directed by Mary McGuckian (2007)
  • Inconceivable, directed by Mary McGuckian (2008)
  • The Making of Plus One, directed by Mary McGuckian (2010)

Filmography: TV series

  • …and They Lived Unhappily Ever After - TV series, episode 2x08 (1995)
  • Married with Children - TV series, episode 10x09 (1995)
  • High Tide - TV series, episode 2x18 (1996)
  • Baywatch Nights - TV series, 34 episodes (1996-1997)
  • Baywatch - TV series, 44 episodes (1996-1998)
  • Nick Freno (Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher) - TV series, 4 episodes (1998)
  • Holding the Baby - TV series, episode 1x05 (1998)
  • Reno 911! - TV series, episode 2x16 (2004)

Donna Derrico boobs

Donna Derrico boobs

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