“Amarena cherry” is the most delicious hair trend for fall – and the perfect balayage twist for all brunettes

For autumn, all signs point to red: the new trend hair color is inspired by dark Amarena cherries and makes hair glow in no time.

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Yes, we all didn’t want to believe it at first, but it really is autumn. With it comes back red leaves, cozy fireplaces and yes, also bright dark hair colors with red.

In addition to hair colors inspired by hot drinks like “Strawberry Brunette” or “Copper Hair”, one color in particular is seen this year on social media and also among the stars: “Amarena Cherry” or Amarena Cherry.

What makes the hair color so special? Stylist Jason Lee of Mela & Kera told Glamour US: “It’s not necessarily red, but it’s not brown either, rather it’s somewhere in between and adds a dramatic twist.”

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The genius of the trend is that even though it’s always a dark red, you can still work with different undertones and match the color to your complexion accordingly. For example, burgundy tones with a violet tint go perfectly with cool skin tones. For warm skin tones, it is recommended to go in the reddish direction.

To match the coloring, be sure to discuss in advance with the stylist exactly what is desired, and bring inspo pictures. Super you can bring “Amarena cherry” highlights into the dark hair by means of balayage. After the soft lightening, a glossing or an intensive tint provides the red or violet accents.

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