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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress who rose to fame as the lead actress in the Disney Channel children's series Wizards of Waverly Place. Subsequently, the girl successfully realized himself as a model, designer, singer, composer and songwriter. Since the age of 17, she is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Selena's Instagram is one of the most popular in the world, with over 260 million followers.


Selena Gomez's stunning appearance is a credit to her parents. She inherited a mane of curly hair and plump, sensuous lips from her father, Ricardo Gomez (Latina), and a broad, snow-white smile and bottomless brown eyes from her mother, Mandy Cornett (Anglo-Italian). And for such a rare name she has to thank singer Selena, very popular in the early 90-s.

Selena Gomez naked

Selena Gomez naked

When Selena Gomez was just five years old, her parents divorced. This was a real tragedy for the girl. The little girl had to say goodbye to her hometown and friends and go with her mother from the quiet Texas town of Grand Prairie to bustling and crowded Los Angeles.

Mandy was an actress - a profession requiring full commitment, taking up all personal time. Little Selena constantly followed her mother to all the shoots. Every time the staff marveled at how aptly the girl copied the actors' habits. At the age of 6, Selena told her mother that she dreams of becoming an actress.

Selena Gomez nude

Selena Gomez nude

After this incident Mandy took her daughter to all sorts of auditions. On her ninth birthday she got a present that predetermined the rest of her life - she was chosen as a new character for a children's show "Barney and his friends.

Thus, with the role of Gianna, began Selena's amazing adventure in the world of Hollywood show business. The series also gave her a sidekick - another young starlet named Demi Lovato.

Mother and daughter did not live a rich life. Sometimes, the celebrity recalled, they didn't even have money for petrol. Mandy spent all the money on her daughter: took her to museums, oceanariums, took her to concerts. The woman managed to bring up her only daughter with dignity and inspired her by her example. Later, in 2006, when Selena Gomez got her first popularity, the young actress' mother married Brian Teefe. So Selena got a double surname and became Tifi Gomez. And in 2013, Selena got a half-sister, Gracie Elliot.


In 2003, the young actress appeared in the third part of the comedy Children of Spies with a small role of a water park girl. In 2005, she had a small part in the TV series "Cool Walker" (the episode "The Trial by Fire").

Selena Gomez boobs

Selena Gomez boobs

A little later she took part in the filming of an episode of the popular children's series The Life of Zack and Cody. Her character's name was Gwen. In addition, the little girl recorded one of the songs for the soundtrack of the series. And in 2006, the girl was confirmed in the cast of the TV series "Hannah Montana". Although the plot of her Mikayla was the antagonist of the main character, she became close friends with Miley Cyrus during the filming of the show.

But the real breakthrough for the young actress was the main role in the series "Wizards of Waverly Place", where she and other emerging talents - Jennifer Stone, David Henry, Jake Austin - played the children of hereditary wizards. The series aired on the Disney Channel for six years; during that time Selena Gomez has blossomed into an adorable young woman. And the adventures of the Magicians were so beloved by young audiences that Selena became a regular contributor to new Disney projects.

Selena Gomez hot pics

Selena Gomez hot pics

Selena's enormous popularity was not only due to her acting talent but also to her ringing voice. In 2008, she starred in the recording of a music video, "Jonas Brothers" ("Burnin' Up"). Since then, she has been invited to do the voice of animated films. Her voice has been used in popular animated movies, Princess Celia ('Arthur and the Vengeance of Urdalak', 'Arthur and the Two Worlds War') and Mavis ('Monsters on Vacation', 'Monsters on Vacation 2'). Her debut album, Selena Gomez & the Scene, titled "Kiss & Tell", was released in the fall of 2009 and pleasantly surprised listeners with its genre diversity.

Also in 2009 she became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, becoming the youngest ever representative of the organization.

Selena Gomez tits

Selena Gomez tits

In 2010 Gomez got the lead roles in the films "Monte Carlo" and "Ramona and Bizus". In the first film, she got the role of a poor girl who was mistaken for a wealthy heiress, and in the second - the sister of restless kid Ramona Quimby, played by 11-year-old Joey King. The same year she graduated with a high school diploma, which, due to a busy schedule of filming and touring, she had to complete as an external student.

Selena Gomez leak

Selena Gomez leak

With the growing popularity of Selena to her busy schedule of filming added modeling contracts. Famous brands have not once invited the beautiful Selena to become their advertising face. Thus, she took part in campaigns of Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Pantene, Coca-cola. By the way, a photo posted by the star on Instagram with this drink gathered a record number of "likes". "It's so cool to have lines from your song on the bottle!", Selena captioned the photo.

In 2016, Selena Gomez starred in the family-friendly film Fundamentals of Kindness, as well as in the comedy Neighbours: On the Warpath alongside Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. The girl was fabulously popular - her Instagram profile was one of the most sought-after, and she was paid around $500,000 for a single publicity post.

Selena Gomez desnuda

Selena Gomez desnuda

2017 was marked by an unusual project for the singer. Selena, along with her mother, acted as executive producer of the series 13 Reasons Why. It premiered on Netflix in March. At the same time, the singer presented her new single "Bad Liar". In early 2018, the girl was appointed as the new face of sports brand Puma.

2017 was marked by an unusual project for the singer. Selena, along with her mother, acted as executive producer of the series 13 Reasons Why. It premiered on Netflix in March. At the same time, the singer presented her new single "Bad Liar". In early 2018, the girl was appointed as the new face of sports brand Puma.


At the age of 12, Selena Gomez wore a so-called "chastity ring" on her finger. It is a common tradition in the U.S., according to which the girl wearer of the ring takes it as a symbol of chastity and vows to remain a virgin until marriage. However, the silver ring with the inscription "I'll wait for my betrothed" is not destined to hear wedding bells ring.

And the culprit was pop singer Justin Bieber, the icon of millions of teenagers around the world. He turned his attention to the Latin American beauty with a baby face in 2010. To be more precise, on the contrary - a girl, who was two years older than him and much more aware of the rules of show business music, at first sight wanted to protect this confused little boy. He reciprocated her feelings.

Selena Gomez leaked

Selena Gomez leaked

This drew the ire of the young man's female fans - in the first months of their romance, Selena's Twitter was bursting with threats from Justin's female fans. But despite the obstacles, the teen star's relationship progressed so fast that in January 2011, Selena's purity ring disappeared from her hand. Following the news, some pretty candid photos of the teens kissing passionately on the beach surfaced in the press.

Apparently, Selena's lessons did Justin some good. His popularity has reached enormous heights, and the pleasures of his celebrity status eclipsed the virtues of his girlfriend. He has never turned down huge portions of attention from groupies, and once publicly flirted with Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin. Those close to Selena said it was Justin's constant flirting that caused the star couple to break up.

Selena Gomez hot

Selena Gomez hot

But apparently Selena's feelings for her ex-boyfriend haven't faded - in 2014 and 2015, paparazzi caught them together more than once. And particularly attentive journalists noticed the actress occasionally walking around in Justin's clothes, and saw it as a symbol of the couple's reunion. The rumours came to an end when Selena appeared in public with an unidentified young man in January 2016. They held hands and chatted sweetly on their way to one of Beverly Hills' fashionable restaurants. It was later revealed that the guy's name was Samuel Krost - he's a musician, nightclub regular and the advertising face of menswear brand Onia. And after that, she began a romance with rapper The Weeknd.


In autumn 2016, Selena Gomez announced that she was taking a sabbatical. Alas, the girl discovered serious health problems: an exacerbation of lupus, which she was diagnosed with back in 2014, caused bouts of depression and panic attacks. The girl apologised to her fans, saying that her health comes first. She had to survive a kidney transplant surgery, which was nobly donated by her friend Francia Raisa.

After the surgery, Gomez and Bieber started communicating again, with the singer showering her ex-girlfriend with messages. On October 22, 2017, they spent an evening with mutual friends at Selena's flat, a week later they were seen together at a church in Los Angeles. On October 30, Selena broke up with The Weeknd, and that same evening went to cheer on Justin at a hockey game. On November 15, they kissed at another hockey game, marking the second life of their relationship.

Selena Gomez leaks

Selena Gomez leaks

Since late 2017, Selena had been dating Justin Bieber. The lovers often appeared together at social events and went on vacations, but in early spring 2018, the couple announced their breakup. This happened just after Bieber's birthday party.

The singer, by the way, did not miss long after the breakup and almost immediately got a girlfriend. Selena, on the other hand, had a pretty tough time - it was during this time that a lot of events came down on her, which triggered her visit to a mental hospital. So, in 2018, Gomez found out she was suffering from bipolar disorder. According to the singer, after realising the diagnosis, she found it easier to cope with panic attacks and other symptoms.

Selena Gomez xxx

Because of the physical and mental problems, Selena said, she could not even smile - much less lead a normal life. The medication put a few extra pounds on Selena, for which she was immediately hounded by her Instagram followers. Which, of course, hurt Selena's psyche:

"This is the first time I've ever been overweight. I have lupus, kidney disease, high blood pressure. It wasn't just lupus that affected my weight, it all worked together. Particularly the medication I have to take for the rest of my life. To be honest, I only noticed that I had put on weight when the attacks on social media about it started. It threw me off my game for a while".


In the spring of 2019, Selena Gomez returned to normalcy. Her depression has been cured, but she will have to take medication to manage her lupus symptoms permanently. The third and final season of 13 Reasons Why premiered in 2019, with Gomez serving as executive producer for three years of filming. The season received positive reviews from critics and viewers. In the same year, Selena starred in a movie herself. It was the zombie horror film The Dead Don't Die, where the singer played the role of Zoe.

Selena hasn't forgotten about music either. In 2019, she released several singles, including 'Lose You To Love Me' and 'Look At Her Now'. At the same time, the singer was preparing for the release of her third studio album. 'Rare' premiered in January 2020. The track list included 13 tracks, which included Selena's solo compositions as well as collaborative songs with Kid Cudi and other musicians. The album managed to reach the number one spot on the Billboard 200 US chart.


After recovering from her mentally devastating affair with Justin Bieber, Selena was in no hurry to start a new relationship. She focused on her treatment and new creative work. But in 2020, she was suspected of having an affair with basketball player Jimmy Butler. However, insiders close to Gomez have told the press that Selena is not looking for a serious relationship at the moment.


Selena Gomez could be seen in the 2021 series Murder in the Same Building. After her character Mabel witnesses a murder, she teams up with characters Steve Martin and Martin Schott and begins her investigation. Strangely enough, the kissing scenes were the hardest for Selena to pull off - the anti-coronoviral measures mean the cast constantly has to rinse their mouths out with antiseptics.

That same year, Selena's band Selena Gomez & the Scene re-released the album "Love You Like A Love Song, Come & Get It, and More" followed by the release of the single "999" and its music video.

Selena Gomez sexy

Recently she has just found out that she is producing her own clothing line made of environmentally friendly materials, and she is also a dog lover and a member of charity organizations. A strong girl with good goals, I had no idea she was such a clever girl.

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