Amber Heard, new twist: now suing insurance company

According to reports by TMZ, the actress, in order to protect herself from conviction for defamation in the trial against Johnny Depp, had taken out a million-dollar policy with the New York Marine and General Incurance Co. which, however, would now refuse to pay.

Amber Heard back in court. There is no peace for Johnny Depp's ex. And on the very trial of the year that ended with the actress' conviction, comes a new twist. The Aquaman star, according to the international gossip site TMZ, has sued the insurance company that was supposed to cover her legal fees and conviction in the famous trial. And which the company refuses to pay for a very specific reason.

Amber Heard and the conviction in the trial against Johnny Depp

In June, the Pirates of the Caribbean star won the libel case against his ex-wife. According to the jury's verdict, the actress must pay 15 million dollars for defaming him, while he must compensate her with two million. A verdict that puts an end to one of the longest and most complicated divorces, complete with libel suit and twists and turns worthy of a horror film, in Hollywood history. A month later, the actress requested a mistrial on the grounds that the verdict 'was not supported by sufficient evidence'. Request rejected by the judges.

The lawsuit against the insurance company

Now, in the long and media-saturated trial, a new twist emerges. According to reports by TMZ, Amber Heard had taken out a million-dollar policy with the New York Marine and General Incurance Co., an insurance company that would have had to pay both legal fees and a possible conviction of the actress. Expenses which the company is now refusing to pay and which Heard is therefore ready to take to court.

Why the company does not want to pay

The insurance company refuses to pay because Amber Heard was convicted of 'wilful misconduct'. According to the jury verdict, in fact, in the libel case against Johnny Depp, the film star acted with intentional misconduct. And precisely this detail, according to California law, would allow the company to be exempt from having to cover Heard's costs. Who, however, claims the opposite. The former Ms. Depp, in fact, claims to have signed an agreement with the insurance company providing for unconditional reimbursement of up to one million dollars in the process. This means that the New York Marine and General Incurance Co. would have had to support the star beyond the jury's verdict and the details of the judgment. So, the pact was not fulfilled. And Amber Heard is ready to go back to court.