AMOURANTH expands her business with an adults-only NFT store

Despite managing to scrape together $1.5 million a month thanks to OnlyFans, popular Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has been collaborating for some time to launch a competing platform, known as Shush Club, as a Brand Advisor.

Amouranth, who with 5.5 million followers turns out to be the most-followed streamer on Twitch after Pokimane (which has 9 million followers instead), had also started a business on OnlyFans judging it to be a safer environment than the purple platform. Nevertheless, she has long intended to leave OnlyFans as well, although-perhaps restrained by the huge earnings-she has never materialized her departure.

These days, however, it is taking another major step in the opposite direction, having entered into a full-fledged partnership with Shush Club, a showcase for content creators that it claims will revolutionize the industry with “instant payments and a marketing portal that can connect content creators with marketing agencies and advertising deals.” With its blockchain-based technology, it intends to be an alternative to other platforms to offer content creators and fans “access to lucrative marketing opportunities and investments in a secure, efficient and fair space.” In addition to “traditional media formats,” it will also offer an adult-only marketplace for NFT to provide an opportunity for content creators to “easily enter this lucrative marketplace.”

Amouranth is thus representing Shush Club’s Brand Advisor, in other words, it is working to advise the fledgling platform and to promote its launch on its social channels.

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