Amouranth: well-known Twitch streamer reveals the secret of her success

Streamer and entrepreneur Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa took action in a new post on Twitter and revealed what is the “secret” thanks to which she was able to achieve such great success that she was able to earn several million dollars a year.

Through the series of tweets below, Amouranth explained that the “secret ingredient” that enabled her to achieve such great success was working hard but mostly efficiently.

On a past occasion, the streamer stated that “if you’re not extraordinarily talented or smart, you have to work more hours.” To the amused reaction of the interviewer, who recalled that so many people already work hard, Amouranth pointed out that “there are definitely levels.”

Delving deeper into the concept, the U.S. streamer examined a famous poker-related quote (“If you’ve been playing poker for thirty minutes and you don’t know who the gonzo is, you’re the gonzo”) flipping its meaning: “If you don’t understand that some people in your field are smarter, more talented, or work longer hours, then you’re like the inverse of the poker analogy,” her words. “If you’ve been doing something for a while and you couldn’t tell if some people are more talented, smarter or work harder and longer…. Then it’s not about you.”

Amouranth wanted to make it clear that she does not feel that she is smarter than other people, but simply that she has figured out how to work efficiently and profitably, including enlisting the help of co-workers who allow her to focus on her priority commitments.

Expanding her business further, Amouranth opened an NFT store just for adults.

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