Ariana Grande shows new hairstyle for Halloween – but different than expected

When the days get darker in autumn, most people decide to dye their hair dark – but not Ariana Grande, who surprises with this hairstyle.

When the fall and winter months arrive, most of us tend to change our hair color to match the seasonal mood. The weather gets colder and drearier, and Halloween is just around the corner, which makes us – consciously or unconsciously – tend to choose darker, gloomier versions instead of lighter shades. In other words, it’s not the best time to dye your blonde.

Ariana Grande surprises with this new hair color

But that’s exactly what Ariana Grande did this week. She swapped her typical auburn for a champagne blonde (that is, a combination of brunette and blonde), which she showed off in a new Instagram post captioned “new earrings.” As usual for Ariana, she wore her signature high braid in the process.

The new color is likely related to her role in the upcoming film adaptation of the musical “Wicked,” in which Grande will play the role of Glinda, the good witch. Filming is currently taking place in London, and the new glossy shade comes from Francesco de Chiara, a colorist who works at the Nicola Clarke at John Frieda salon.

Here’s what to look for in extreme blondes

Grande’s blonde perfectly matches her skin tone and looks natural-but color changes from brown to blonde like this are notoriously difficult, mainly because bleaching “lifts the outer protective layer of each strand to allow the bleach to penetrate and pull out the natural color pigments,” as Alex Brownsell, colorist and co-founder of Bleach London, told VOGUE. Many colorists use professional bonding formulas like Olaplex to keep hair strong and resilient during the chemical process.

In addition, properly caring for the hair after coloring is crucial – and no doubt Grande received specific instructions from De Chiara on how to best care for her hair. Formulas like Redken’s Acid Bonding Concentrate, Olaplex’s conditioning products and Virtue’s Recovery range are all great for keeping hair in good shape at home.