Ariana Grande with unstyled hair: Here the singer shows off her natural curls

… and completely without makeup! Usually we see Ariana Grande always perfectly styled. Now the singer shows us her natural side - and we love it.

Red hair, high ponytail, hairpieces, platinum blonde wigs and even a look with curtain bangs: actress and singer Ariana Grande has tried pretty much every haircut, every hair color and every style - and does not shy away from extravagant looks.

What you rarely see, however: Her natural hair, which is not sleek, but actually curly. One of the rare moments when you can see her natural curls, by the way, Ariana now shared herself on Instagram and TikTok. It is a video that she posted in the course of the launch of her new body care line.

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Right from the beginning of the video, as Ariana leans her head on the edge of a bathtub, you can see fine curls of the singer curling out of a chignon. Subsequently, she takes her still damp and heavily curled hair into a braid.

To underline the clean look of her new "God is A Woman" perfume body care line, Ariana shows herself from her most natural side. In addition to her natural hair, she also presents herself completely without makeup - just like any of us during a me-time session in the bathroom!

By the way, the body care line includes a body oil, a body scrub souffléa, a hand cream and a body lotion, as well as a travel size of her fragrance. Ariana writes about it in her post: "After seven years of creating fragrances, I'm super happy that today we finally get to release our first body collection." We join this joy immediately and are quite excited to test!

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