Best watches for teenagers 2023

Watchmaking is a world that is as vast as it is specific in some cases. In the market you will find watches that will easily fit on a man's or woman's wrist, or that you can use for different occasions. Within this sphere, however, we find a very particular and demanding target audience: that of teenagers.

Today's teenagers are not just teenagers: they are youth 2.0! They are children of technology, and they do not know what it means not to have a machine at their service: this is the very reason that makes them the most difficult audience to satisfy. They don't want to spend thousands of dollars for a Rolex to be then constrained to buy, sell or part-exchange a luxury watch on a second-hand market.

Generally, teenage boys and girls follow fashion: but then why is it so difficult to choose what watch to give as a gift? It is because we live in a world based on globalization, and there are too many models and examples that our children, cousins, and grandchildren might want to follow. In this article we will give you some buying tips and help to orient you in the world of watchmaking, but remember that the best advice is always that of the person who will have to wear the timepiece!

Key features

Generally when we talk about features we first consider the different mechanisms. In this case, however, we exclude hand-wound and self-winding watches regardless. So, we are left with quartz movement watches and digital watches. We advise you to focus especially on these two categories, which are the most popular as of now.

Among analog quartz watches (which in simple terms are those with hands and a battery) we suggest that you primarily consider the design. Ideally, you should focus on a watch that reflects the personality of the person who will wear it. So allow yourself to range with your imagination, as you will find plenty of distinctive and innovative designs.

On the other hand, when it comes to digital watches, it is preferable to look for a watch that is technological and cutting-edge. So, if your budget allows, lean toward a smartwatch.

Best brands

We realize that we have been a bit generic in the previous paragraphs, and so in this one we are going to offer you a list that includes the best brands. Among the brands you will read you will find both cheaper and more expensive ones, but one thing they all have in common is the good value for money of their products. In addition, there will be brands that focus on analog watches, but also those that have specialized in the area of digital. We therefore recommend:

  • Yamay;
  • Apple;
  • Casio;
  • Lacoste;
  • Polar;
  • Willful;
  • Guess;
  • Stroili;
  • RSVOM;
  • Hiwatch;
  • Jslai.

How to choose?

Finally, we thought it appropriate to give you some concrete recommendations. We have talked about the key features and the best brands, but it remains for us to figure out what to consider when buying. The advice we give you can be summarized in two distinct terms, namely, "budget" and "bargain."

First, it is essential to set a budget and identify a price range that you do not want to get out of. Already setting yourself economic limits will narrow the field in the blink of an eye. If you want to aim for inexpensive watches you can consider the brands: Yamay, Casio, RSVOM, Hiwatch and Jslai. Conversely, if you want to spend €100 and up, you may prefer: Apple, Lacoste, Polar, Guess or Stroili.

Next, think of an occasion when you will wear the watch. If you think it will be used for sports, choose a lightweight timepiece, with durable but not visually heavy materials, comfortable and with specific functions. On the other hand, if you have decided to buy a watch for a special event, prefer an elegant and understated design.