Billie Eilish: She uses this skincare all-rounder in her beauty routine

In a YouTube video for Vogue, Billie Eilish has now also presented her skincare routine in just under twelve minutes. And as with Hailey Bieber, Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner before, we’re glued to the singer’s lips and follow every step down to the smallest detail.

Speaking of lips: We are particularly fascinated by Billie Eilish’s secret tip for well-groomed and shimmering lips. She swears by the skincare all-rounder from Aquaphor and also reveals in this context why nothing else gets on her lips.

“Aquaphor Healing Ointment”: That’s why Billie Eilish swears by this skincare all-rounder.

“The love of my life,” is Billie Eilish’s comment on the “Aquaphor Healing Ointment.” And this love is so great that she always carries at least six tubes with her when she travels. The ointment, which can be used for a wide variety of skin areas, is used primarily on Billie Eilish’s lips.

On the one hand, it prevents them from becoming chapped or too dry, and on the other, Billie Eilish sees the ointment as a substitute for lip gloss. Because the cream not only cares, but also provides a light shimmer and shine on the lips. All this without the often sticky consistency or unusual taste of lip gloss. Both factors that can be a particular hindrance for Billie Eilish when singing, as she explains in the video.

The “Aquaphor Healing Ointment” is intended in particular for dry and slightly damaged skin areas and also for chapped lips. The formula consists of glycerin, bisabolol – an anti-inflammatory active ingredient found in chamomile essential oil – and pro-vitamin B5. With no fragrances or dyes, the cream is also suitable for sensitive skin.

This is the skincare recipe from Billie Eilish

In the clip, 20-year-old Billie Eilish also reveals that she started developing her skincare routine when she was just twelve. The reason for this, she says, was her brother, four years older than her, who had to struggle with terrible skin problems and kept telling her how important it was to take good care of her skin. For Billie Eilish, this also includes avoiding dairy products and gluten as much as possible, because if she doesn’t do that, her skin would immediately get worse.

She therefore follows her skincare routine consistently every evening. For her, it’s not just a love of well-groomed skin, but also a kind of ritual to wind down after an adrenaline-filled concert evening. Skincare is almost something like therapy for Billie Eilish, and she simply feels better mentally when her skin is healthy.

And the musician also reveals a little DIY tip: In her skincare routine, she does without conventional cotton pads. She uses round pads made from old T-shirts that she gets from friends. She then puts them in a bag in the laundry and can use them over and over again.

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