Billie Eilish teaches fans the exercises against anxiety attacks

So the singer dispensed tips and techniques to get better and re-center. Directly from the most important stage of her life.

She was the youngest ever headliner of Glastonbury Festival 2022. The first female headliner after Adele in 2016. And now, at twenty years old, Billie Eilish also made history for being the first singer to do breathing exercises against anxiety in the middle of a concert. Yes, with her audience. From the stage. Matilda De Angelis has also recently talked about anxiety. And one thing is certain: the younger generations suffer from it and do everything to share and “resolve”. But let’s go in order.

Billie Eilish and anxiety

Four years ago, Billie Eilish’s life entered a black hole. Accompanied by the breakage of the hip cartilage during an advanced hip-hop lesson. An unfortunate fact that she forced her to abandon dance forever. “I think my depression started there.” So the singer told Rolling Stone magazine a few years ago.

“Because that injury made me fall into a hole. I went through a phase of self-harm and even without going into details, the concept was that I felt like I deserved to suffer. And today, when I happen to see little girls at my concerts with scars on their arms, it breaks my heart. Because even if I don’t have them now, because it was a long time ago, I know how it is, I’ve been there. “

Methods for calming down

Billie Eilish has never been reluctant to talk about her mental health. She has revealed several times that she suffers from panic and anxiety attacks on a very regular basis. You have suffered from body dysmorphophobia. She is suffering from Tourette’s syndrome since the age of 11. But alongside her denunciation to the world of her intimacy, Billie has never forgotten to dispense advice from her.

One of her secrets to calm down and re-center? Breathing exercises! So, in the middle of the concert at the Glastonbury festival in England – perhaps the most important of her in her life – the young woman decided to dispense advice and techniques. And to launch a mini meditation session with her audience. A rather funny moment that made the rounds of social networks.

The shared breathing exercises

“I wish we would take a moment to settle down, to focus on the present moment. I want you to feel good, to think about the things you are grateful for and the things that give you joy. “ She started like this, with a calm and almost intimidated voice, sitting on a stool in the middle of the giant stage.

“If you’re here with someone, look at them, tell them you love them. Now I would like everyone to close their eyes. Relax and find out how much you are loved, ” she continued. Billie Eilish then asked everyone present to take a deep breath before exhaling for a long time. And thus begin her song. A rare scene among artists. Extremely rare. Never seen.

Does Breathing Dissolve Stress?

So we wanted to understand each other more with respect to these exercises. Because if breathing, also called Breathwork, is not a new technique, it is well established that in recent years it has experienced a small renaissance, especially with the following of the pandemic.

Breathing exercises facilitate the release of stress, trauma and past experiences in order to heal mentally and physically. They activate our vagus nerve [the nerve that goes from our brain to all of our vital organs] to signal that we can safely relax.

Making breathing the perfect antidote to the stress of our daily life “. So explained Sophie Belle, founder of Mind You Club, to the English version of Glamor. In summary, since we are all provided with breath, it is necessary to learn how to use it to calm anxiety. Do you feel lazy and don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, from today, just go to a Billie Eilish concert. And practice with her.

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