Billie Eilish: ‘When I was blonde I didn’t feel sexy’

In her latest interview, the 'Lovely' and 'Bad guy' singer launches her new perfume and talks about the dark sides of being a bombshell star.

Billie Eilish reveals her experience with the platinum hue, dispelling the myth that blondes have more fun. Confirming her status as a Gen Z icon with off-beat appeal.

Billie Eilish launches new perfume in dark hue

Having become a manga celebrity with dark hair and neon green roots, in 2021 the singer of 'Lovely' and 'Bad Guy' surprised everyone by suddenly changing her beauty look with a bombshell hue. But that phase is now just a memory, as she explains in an interview with High Snobiety magazine to present her new perfume Eilish No. 2 launched in mid-November.

Raven hair + liquid hair effect

In the photo shoot accompanying the interview, the singer, who will turn 21 in a few days, shows off the raven black hair colour she has adopted for several weeks now.

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But whereas in the look she sported at the Lacma Gala she had long fringes and a voluminised wave styling, she is now in a flat version with a parting in the middle. A graphic look in the style of Morticia, combined with soapy makeup with just the highlight of black mascara.

No nostalgia for blondiness

The new hair look is the result of a beauty evolution that stems from her fully Gen Z identity. That of a self-conscious young woman with a taste for transformation and outside the box in every sense.

As Billlie Eilish herself explains when talking about self-perception and external image: 'I only feel glamorous when I wear a masculine style. And when I was blond, I never felt sexy, not even for a second'.