British star Demi Rose nude leaks make a scandal


Demi Rose is a young model and aspiring DJ who has conquered the internet space with her gorgeous, cheeky body curves, which she flaunts in lingerie and swimming costume ads.

Young Demi Rose

The full name of the handsome model, who has been compared to a young Kim Kardashian, the famous TV diva, by the media for her outstanding shape, is Demi Rose Moby. She is the late child of bank clerk Barry Moby and his stay-at-home wife Christina. Born on 27 March 1995 in Birmingham, England, in the West Midlands, her parents were 56 and 40 respectively at the time. With Latin American blood in Demi's veins fused with her British ancestry, this explains her beauty, luxurious black hair and bright, hazel-green eyes shining into her pale, porcelain face.

Demi Rose nude

As a child, Demi recalls being a very shy child. As a child she had complexes about her body, which she says was more in keeping with a mature woman than a teenage girl by the age of twelve, and her favourite pastimes were playing with her pets: a cat called Raggles and a dog called Leo.

"I literally hated my body and really suffered for it," she says.

When Demi was fifteen, she began making efforts to get rid of the feminine roundness that made a mockery of her skinny, angular classmates. Aversion of self led to an eating disorder and then anorexia, and when Demi's weight reached the critical 38 kilograms mark, her parents began to sound the alarm.

Demi Rose naked

Demi Rose naked

After much persuasion, Demi listened to her father and mother and sought help from specialists who helped her stop trying to fit her body to the standards promoted by glossy magazines. She stopped starving herself but gave up sweets and sodas and joined a gym regularly.

After graduating from John Wilmott School, Demi enrolled at Walsall College, where she studied Spanish and did cosmetology courses alongside the compulsory subjects.


As Demi tells it, she has dreamed of becoming a model since she was a little girl, but didn't even dare to hope that one day her dreams would turn into reality. Demi is only 157 centimetres tall, which should have robbed her of even the slightest chance of ever being able to conquer the world's catwalks.

Demi Rose hot pics

Demi Rose hot pics

In order to shake off her natural shyness in high school she started posting photos of herself on social networking site MySpace and got her first batch of popularity, but it was only after graduating college that she became fully confident. In an interview with The Sun, Demi admitted that in the beginning of her career she felt awkward when she noticed that people on the street recognised her, but she soon got used to it.

Demi Rose Onlyfans leak

Demi Rose Onlyfans leak

In 2011 Demi launched her Instagram, unaware that eight years later her followers would exceed 11 million. The photos, showing every feminine curve of her body, caught the attention of the staff of the American reality project Taz's Angels. In 2014, at the invitation of the project's creators, Demi moved to the United States, to Miami, and became a member of an Instagram reality show highlighting the daily lives of beautiful young girls with mostly dark skin: African-American, Latina and mulatto.

Demi Rose hot

Demi Rose hot

The project quickly gained scandalous fame. "Taz Angels" (Taz was the name of the project's creator) was accused of promoting a promiscuous lifestyle and their "boss" of exploiting girls, who, according to some reports, provided escort services. Subsequently, the unambiguous nature of the project became apparent, but Demi had already left it by then. She received several lucrative contracts and began to build her career as an atypical model.


Demi signed contracts with fashion publications, between 2016 and 2018 her photos graced the spreads of popular publications For Him Magazine, WorldstarHipHop, Nuts and SIXTY6.

Demi Rose xxx

Demi Rose xxx

Despite her short stature, Demi is not miniature at all: she has lush breasts and voluminous hips. She even looks best in bikini bottoms and swimming costumes thanks to her physique, and daily workout under the guidance of trainer Dean and strict diet helps the beautiful Englishwoman to maintain a luxurious physical shape.

Demi Rose boobs

Demi Rose boobs

Demi focuses on exercises for her glutes, hips and abs and she also cardio-trains three or four times a week, which helps her not to put on extra pounds. About being compared to Kim Kardashian, Demi speaks with irony and hints that her body is more natural than that of the American TV diva.

Demi Rose Onlyfans leaked

Demi Rose Onlyfans leaked

After the model starred semi-nude for the cover of SIXTY6 in 2017, rumours started circulating in the online space that she had used plastic surgeons to give her buttocks an even more daring shape. A month later, The Sun Online published an interview with the chubby model, in which she denied the rumours of surgery and described her body as a lucky combination of genes and hard work at the gym.

Demi Rose titties

In 2017, Zoo Magazine named Demi one of the sexiest girls on the planet. The British model's beauty can not only be seen on the glossy spreads, but also in music videos of popular musicians such as Chris Brown and DJ Khaled. Demi maintains her image as a sexually liberated girl by posting provocative photos on her Instagram page and by appearing at parties in revealing outfits that don't hide the seductiveness of her body.


In 2016, Demi dated Michael Ray Stevenson, known as rap singer Tyga. In an interview in May 2017, the dark-haired model revealed that they had quite a fun time and broke up amicably.

The next guy who was lucky enough to occupy the heart of the beautiful Demi was Thomas Byron Courtney, a famous producer and DJ who performs under the creative alias Tom Zanetti.

Demi Rose Onlyfans leaks

Demi Rose Onlyfans leaks

Demi and Tom's relationship lasted until late 2017, and in early 2018 the media reported that the model was in a romantic relationship with actor and musician Chris Martinez, a member of duo The Martinez Brothers.

Demi makes no secret that she is in love, on her Instagram she often posts photos with her lover, calling him "my DJ" and "my king". It was Chris who inspired Demi to take up music, in an interview in the autumn of 2018 she said she was planning to start a career as a DJ. In October 2018, Demi had to endure grief: her father, who was in his eighties at the time of his death, passed away.

Demi Rose sexy

Demi Rose sexy

Eight months later, her mother died. Losing the people closest to her has been a heartbreaking experience for Demi, and she shared her grief with her followers, who were very moved by the story that she had once met two white pigeons while walking, which she mistook for the souls of her deceased relatives. Under the picture of the birds, Demi wrote: "I really hope they were my beloved mum and dad visiting me."


In the summer of 2019, a video of the Oh Polly show, in which Demi showed off lingerie and swimwear, hit the net. The model's erratic gait sparked another round of activity from the haters, who took a moment to criticise her figure and inability to move gracefully. Demi told detractors her clumsiness was caused by her shoes, which were too big, and a wrong-sized top.

Demi Rose desnuda

In late summer the brave British model took part in a candid photo shoot in Indonesia. A totally naked Demi was captured in a bathtub filled with exotic flower petals. The natural young beauty of the model's face was emphasized by a light, almost imperceptible makeup with an accent on the eyebrows and lips, and she was wearing only rings. According to Demi's 12 million Instagram followers, she herself looks like a beautiful exotic flower in these photos. Thanking fans for the compliments, Demi wrote that beauty, in her opinion, is not at all about facial features or figure, but the light in her heart.

Demi Rose tits

In November 2019, Demi shone at cosmetics brand Skinny Tan's event in London. The model lived up to fans' expectations and appeared in a revealing outfit: a black translucent mini with a lace-up chest, with no underwear underneath. Demi also wore metallic toe shoes to the party, adding a small elegant chain handbag to the look.

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