Britney Spears and conspiracy theories on TikTok

Britney Spears may have even disappeared, according to some theories that have been flocking to TikTok in recent days. Where does this and other speculation about the pop star come from?

Britney Spears is the subject of several conspiracy theories circulating on TikTok.

On the platform most loved by Generation Z, alleged evidence has been gathered that would support even the most absurd assumptions about the pop star.

There are those who doubt that Britney Spears is actually on the private jet (or other locations posted on her social networks) but that it is a greenscreen. Favouring this hypothesis is a video of her husband some time ago showing a completely green room of his used for making videos.

Also suspicious is the sudden affection shown publicly to her sister Jamie with a collage and a touching dedication. It is a well-known fact that there is bad blood between her and Britney and that Spears has always emphasised her sister's lack of support during the conservatorship period, which lasted from 2008 to 2021, when the singer was totally under her father's control. The praise for her younger sister is surprising to the extent that Britney is fully in control of her mobile phone.

Britney has reportedly been free for more than a year after the #FreeBritney movement rallied to give her life back in her hands but… fans have noticed the suspicious lack of paparazzi shots of her, even going so far as to suggest her demise or disappearance.

The paparazzi, who have always shown an almost morbid interest in her figure, how is it possible that they are so disinterested in her movements today? (Assuming there are indeed movements).

The role of Britney's husband is also shrouded in doubts and suspicions: Sam Asghari was first portrayed as crucial to Spears' liberation and support, and today he is accused of controlling her and even managing the publication of his wife's nude photos, often at the centre of controversy. He was quick to deny this, trying to calm the mood.

With the hope that all this is pure fantasy, dictated by the affection of apprehensive fans and that Britney is simply enjoying her newfound freedom (between a bit of privacy, a great love and a few controversial posts here and there)… we hope to see her soon the protagonist of less 'Toxic' narratives.