Britney Spears and other gossips of the weekend

Some murmur that the singer may go on the Ariston stage. And while rumors are swirling, so much else is happening: couples breaking up and others announcing they are having children, painful goodbyes and unexpected victories.

So is it Britney Spears? Amadeus, a few days ago, had hinted at a female guest he did not yet feel like revealing. It had been said it could be Madonna, then Ariana Grande, but now, after Britney Spears posted on Instagram a photo of herself from when, in 2002, she took the stage at the Ariston singing I'm not a Girl, not yet a Woman the doubt that that super guest is her comes, all the more so since, next to the image, there appears an allusive inscription: "Coming soon."

The most likely guess, however, is that instead it is pure coincidence, given the "oddity" of Britney's social posts.

While waiting to see what will happen in Sanremo (several gossips are already circulating, see the house where Chiara Ferragni is staying or the business that revolves around the kermesse), in the meantime let's see what happened during this weekend: in Italy, Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez seem to be wavering, while abroad the Kit Harington-Rose Leslie and PewDiePie-Marzia Bisognin couples are going strong, who, both, announced that they are expecting a child.

On and on and on. In the gallery below is a very quick recap.

The family expands: Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are expecting their second child

Two years after the birth of their first child, the two Games of Thrones actors announce the arrival of their second.

Have Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser broken up?

He allegedly cheated on her, she trashed the engagement ring: on social media it is hunting for a clue to confirm the gossip of the moment.

From David Beckham to Jamie Oliver: all in baby pictures for Kate Middleton

There are many British celebrities who are joining the #ShapingUs campaign, launched by the Princess of Wales to emphasize the importance of childhood.

PewDiePie, the world's most famous youtuber becomes a daddy

Married to Italian Marzia Bisognin, PewDiePie announced in a Youtube video that he is expecting a baby. So much happiness.

Farewell to Alessandro Lo Cascio, historic manager of showbiz celebrities

Manager of Gina Lollobrigida, Raffaella Carrà and many other show business celebrities, Alessandro Lo Cascio, 52, was cut short by a sudden illness.

Such and Such Show 2023, Roy Paladini wins with Michael Jackson imitation

The epilogue of the show saw ten contestants compete week after week, but the Jacko imitation on Rai1 beats all.

Armie Hammer reveals, "When I was 13, a pastor abused me"

In the first interview since the cannibalism allegations, the actor comes clean with an open heart, from suicidal instincts to violence perpetuated against several women.