Cardi B proudly flaunts her mustache in this makeup-free selfie and is celebrated for it

Whether on stage or the red carpet: We mainly know Cardi B styled. But now she is “topless”, posting a selfie without make-up.

Cardi B undoubtedly has a penchant for glamour, she loves the big entrance and also likes extravagant beauty looks. But she also has another side, which she now showcased with a no-makeup selfie on Twitter. Her lady’s beard flashed in the snapshot – and the rapper even emphasizes that with the text in the tweet.

Cardi B shows off her mustache in a Twitter selfie

Do you know those moments when you stand in front of the mirror to meticulously pluck the last little hairs around your mouth? Or if you do the obligatory leg check? If it feels rough, the razor is pulled out and refreshed. Various body positivity movements have already helped to simply let go in this regard. Listening to what you really feel comfortable with and not to what society might expect.

That may have happened to Cardi B, too. Between her glamorous stage looks, she has now published a selfie on Twitter, in which she shows herself without make-up cuddling with her baby. In the caption, the rapper drew attention to her “mustache”, among other things. And indeed, if you look closely, you can see a small, fine lady’s beard. Not really a big deal, but somehow it is. Especially in the entertainment industry there is always a focus on perfection, outdated ideals of beauty still play a role. It’s always refreshing when stars like Cardi B oppose this and show themselves as they are.

This is how Netzt reacts to the singer’s unvarnished selfie

The fans of the mother of two appreciate that. “You are so real and beautiful babe,” commented one user. Another wrote, “You encourage us women who feel insecure about their little peach fuzz to celebrate it.” Absolutely! We can only agree with this!

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