Dating: The most annoying dating trends simply explained

Casual dating is widespread among those who don't want to commit yet. However, in addition to the fun that casual dating can bring, some strange dating trends are emerging, such as ghosting, benching, and submarining. We explain what's behind each phenomenon.

As a single, you can have a lot of fun while dating - but unfortunately, you can also get really hurt. Benching, ghosting, haunting - it's easy to lose track of all these dating phenomena. Whether in a relationship, single, or even in friendships, the strange behavior patterns pop up in a wide variety of situations. We explain what dating trends are all about to keep your single days grandiose and carefree.

Dating trends 2023 - Here you will find explanations of all dating phenomena

Dating has become quite complicated - or has it always been? With digitalization, it has definitely become easier to build toxic behavior patterns. Between all the Red Flags, Beige Flags and Green Flags, it's hard to recognize what should actually be important to you: True Love.  Here's what you should keep in mind along the way. 

1. Dating trend: what is ghosting?

What is ghosting and how do you best deal with it?

2. Dating trend: What is orbiting?

Orbiting is even worse than ghosting because you don't leave the person completely alone. 

3. Dating trend: what is benching?

Benching is sitting on the dating bench for quite a long time.

4. Dating trend: what is haunting?

Haunting is similar to Orbiting, except that you knock on your:ex's door even less often. 

5. Dating trend: what is breadcrumbing?

The dating warm-up method is called breadcrumping and is almost more painful than ghosting. 

6. Dating trend: what is parallel dating?

After all, two is better than one, right? Not everyone thinks so, though. Is parallel dating okay? 

7. Dating trend: What is tuning?

Your crush likes your pictures, but it never comes to a date? Everything you need to know about tuning.

8. Dating trend: what is zombieing?

Suddenly your ex is back and you have no idea what to do? 

9. Dating trend: what is phubbing?

The ultimate relationship killer is phubbing - not only in romantic relationships, but also among friends and family. 

10. Dating trend: what is micro-cheating?

The worst dating trend is micro-cheating, because then you don't catch your partner in flagrante delicto, but you can hardly blame him/her. 

11. Dating trend: what is soft ghosting?

Soft ghosting is like ghosting - only in a "softer" variant. But it hurts almost more. 

12. Dating trend: what is sneating?

Love is secondary in sneating, you want love a free meal out of the date. 

13. Dating trend: what is stashing?

When the partner or the relationship is hidden from the world, it is called stashing. 

14. Dating trend: what is curving?

With curving, feelings can be hurt enormously without the other person even noticing. 

15. Dating trend: what is apocalypsing?

Everything is going well, why wait?  Everything you need to know about the new Corona dating trend. 

16. Dating trend: what is negging?

What teases, loves each other (not!)

17. Dating trend: what is groundhogging?

You always date the same type of person? It's not just love that's blind. Dating does too. 

18. Dating trend: what is hesi-dating?

Dating and the consequences of the pandemic  

19. Dating trend: what is snowglobing?

A toxic dating trend that only occurs around Christmas.

20. Dating trends: what is cookie jarring? 

Suddenly you find out you are number 2

21. Dating trends around the romance gap 

When stereotypes keep us from finding a partner 

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