Doja Cat responds to criticism of her Schiaparelli show look

During Fashion Month, we can be sure of one thing: The show looks off the catwalk are always a talking point. Currently in the spotlight here is singer Doja Cat, who has taken her fans' outfit critique to heart and turned it into this hilarious way .

Doja Cat is taking the definition of eccentric fashion week looks to the extreme after her fans were critical of her elaborate glitter outfit for the Schiaparelli show. For just days after becoming a meme (in red crystals), singer Doja Cat presents herself in another eye-catching look that puts beauty norms into a whole new focus in an unexpected way. And we promise you one thing: If you already celebrate the memes for her previous look, then you will also have a lot to smile about here, with Doja Cat's humorous style. All we can say is: fake lashes as eyebrows ... but see for yourself!

Doja Cat takes the outfit criticism of her fans to heart and reacts with THIS funny persiflage

Attending the Viktor & Rolf show at Paris Fashion Week, the musician opted for a more demure as well as androgynous look. But it's not the structured pinstripe suit with ruffled shirt that attracts the internet's attention, but the decorative eyelashes that adorn her face. In keeping with the menswear look she's pushing with the suit, Doja Cat also styles her fake lashes in the style of beard hair as well as tomboyish and voluminous eyebrows. And to complete the picture, she combines them with slightly tinted sunglasses that remind us of the origin of the type of beard she portrays: the Zappa, which here, however, also reminds us of the three musketeers or a distant relative of the singer Prince. 

This is how her fans reacted to the humorous Fashion Week appearance 

With wit and fashion as a means of communication, Doja Cat is one step ahead of all critics, and even her fans can't help but remark: "Here are the eyelashes you've been wishing for - are you happy now?" Because previously, it was precisely the lack of them in her Schiaparelli show look that was criticised. And British fashion illustrator Hayden Williams comments, "It's camp! Doja is committed to a look and wears it with conviction - that's for sure!" And we can't help but notice how seriously she takes her role and how she takes the wind out of all the critics' sails with the power of wit. 

This is the important message behind Doja Cat's look.

But all joking aside, although the look is mainly for entertainment, there is a serious message behind it. Doja Cat is using a product that was developed for women to achieve facial hair that is seen as having masculine connotations. With her ingenious composition, she thus draws attention to the fact that the transformative power of fashion and make-up extends across the entire gender spectrum and works in all directions. Gender is fluid, and no one has to choose one direction or the other in favour of a single appearance. Again, it's about finding the right balance, which is at the discretion of each individual - exactly where he:she feels most comfortable. 

Doja Cat proves the power of fashion as an art form with her fashion week looks

Compared to many of the looks seen on the runway and the streets at Fashion Weeks, styling with eyelashes is easy to recreate - and comparatively inexpensive to boot. It's a shame that Halloween is only a few months away, because that would really be a great last-minute costume. But even so, the False Lashes offer great potential for letting off steam with make-up at pyjama parties with friends. 

Let's call it the "doja cat lash effect", because it's much less time-consuming than trying to create it. "Working with the incomparably talented Doja Cat and Daniel Roseberry was an absolute pleasure," says legendary make-up artist Pat McGrath of the artful creation that immediately caused a stir. "Her patience and dedication in sitting with Team Pat McGrath and myself for four hours and 58 minutes to create this work of art was truly inspiring."

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