Dua Lipa and Avril Lavigne unveil what their new albums will look like

Not only Rihanna and Madonna's comeback, Dua Lipa and Avril Lavigne will also return in 2023. The Levitating pop star during the ESNS Festival received the Excellence Award and gave an interview in which she talked about her new album. Dua Lipa revealed that her third record will be released soon and added that-although it will be more mature than her previous work-it will still be pop.

"I'm in the studio finishing my third album.My last record had a theme and the same will be true for this one. The theme will be more in the lyrics than in the music. It will still be a pop project, so I'm not going to leave this world. I still want to dance and have fun, and do another crazy tour. In some ways, though, it's a little more mature. Also because I have had new experiences. That will come through in the lyrics and the sound. As I grow it's normal for my music to grow and evolve in some ways. It will come out soon, the right time will be when I realize I am proud of what I have done."

Not just Dua Lipa, a new record from Avril Lavigne is on the way.

Avril Lavigne is also set to release another album, following the underrated Love Sux. Again, the album will be released 'soon' and the Canadian star will offer us already explored sounds and also something new.

"This album on a sound level will be like a portrait of me over the years. There will be different styles, those that I have drawn from the most and new things and styles that I had not experimented with before. I'm keeping everything a secret for now, but I'm very excited about what I'm doing. The truth is that we always want to grow and evolve, but I don't want to think about it too much, so I tried to be spontaneous in this project as well."

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