Dua Lipa celebrates her birthday in a mini naked dress – and it’s THE trend look for the 2022 party season

The naked dress obsession never ends, and also for the coming season the transparent dresses are THE trend piece par excellence. The best proof is Dua Lipa, who leaves us speechless with her absolute eye-catcher model – but see for yourself.

Dua Lipa is without a doubt a good style role model when it comes to both casual and glamorous looks. The singer is currently enchanting us off and on stage with her combinations and presents us with an absolute trend look for the 2022 party season to celebrate her 27th birthday. We’ll tell you here which must-have she’s relying on that we all know.

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Dua Lipa shows herself in a mini naked dress

A “Little Black Dress” always goes – Dua Lipa knows that too and takes it to a whole new level. Because instead of just resorting to the motto black and cropped short, she also relies on transparency as a stylistic device for her mini dress. The “Levitating” singer celebrates her birthday in a “(Little Black) Naked Dress” of a special kind, which is both transparent on the front, but covers everything that needs to be covered through targeted dark inserts. The design creates a pretty impressive cut-out effect purely visually, and we can also imagine the dress perfectly at any upcoming party.

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Because as we all know, not only Dua Lipa, but also other stars like Leni Klum or Megan Fox rely on the naked dress as a party and red carpet must-have. So it comes in handy that the designers also have one or the other transparent model in their collections for the upcoming fall/winter season. We are ready for the party trend look 2022, and with fashion pros like Dua Lipa we get the necessary inspiration for our outfits.

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