Dua Lipa goes for this popular French women’s fringe hairstyle with her “French Side Bangs” – and makes it trendy

Dua Lipa gives the side bangs a French touch. In Paris, the singer shows herself with "French Side Bangs". Learn everything about the cool hairstyle here.

Dua Lipa relies on this popular fringe hairstyle of French women with her "French Side Bangs".

Not only the parting slides to the side in autumn, but also the bangs. Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian and many other stars have already skillfully proven that the side parting is totally on trend right now. Dua Lipa now goes one better and presents herself with side bangs, inspired by the French women. What makes her "French side bangs" so special? Read more!

Dua Lipa makes "French Side Bangs" a trend

As part of the new campaign launch of a fragrance by YSL Beauty, of which Dua Lipa is the face, the singer was in Paris. In terms of makeup, she went for strong smokey eyes for the event, while keeping her lips rather subtle in a nude shade. Very french, because if there's one thing we've already learned from French women, it's that they always go for either a strong lip OR strong eye makeup. For the final French chic touch, Dua Lipa went for a casual messy bun, combined with a side fringe.

"French side bangs": popular fringe hairstyle of French women.

Bangs are very popular in France, and the "French Girl Fringe" is one of the most elegant, casual variants of fringe hairstyles. The "French Side Bangs" work in a similar way: the aim of the side bangs, like the one Dua Lipa wears, is that you don't have to stand in front of the mirror forever, but that the hair falls as it falls. Nothing is accurately trimmed, but looks rather random. This gives the "French Side Bangs" a casual flair. With the singer, the strands sometimes even fall over the eye area - and that's completely okay.

So if you've always wanted to try bangs, but don't want to go all-in, this variation of the popular hairstyle is definitely perfect and should be considered this fall.

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