Dua Lipa shows the way: With THIS ingenious piece, every slip dress becomes fall-ready!

It's slowly getting autumnal, but we're not ready to part with our favorite summer pieces just yet, which definitely include slip dresses. For this, Dua Lipa presents the perfect solution and we tell you how to do it.

Somehow the summer was much shorter than we thought and slowly the weather starts to become more autumnal again. No more heat waves and summer outfits. But then we can not really separate from some pieces of clothing. One of them is the slip dress, because the all-rounder dress with thin straps always looks good: at a picnic, in the office or as a wedding guest. Dua Lipa comes with her fashion inspiration just in time, because the singer presents an ingenious styling trick, with which every slip dress or other short-sleeved dress becomes suitable for autumn.

Dua Lipa styles her dresses in fall with this ingenious piece

Dua Lipa knows exactly how to charm us time and time again with simple but ingenious outfits, because somehow she always hits the right combination. Her latest look consists of the classic slip dress, to which she styles a long-sleeved cardigan. Actually, no big witchcraft, but that's exactly why the interplay of the two pieces is so effective. The fine knit cardigan in lilac also creates a pretty nice contrast to the pastel green of the slip dress, which ensures that despite the autumnal mood, the good mood factor does not come up short. And although the cardigan, as it is also commonly called, has a rather stuffy look, it is broken up by the cut-out at the neckline of the dress. Pretty cool.

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Cardigan with the dress: That's why we should also go for Dua Lipa's brilliant combination

As with everything, it all comes down to the right combination here. And since there are a myriad of options and styles for both slip dresses and cardigans, there are no limits to creativity. Especially for style breaks, the outfit of two pieces lends itself particularly well. So a chic dress with a rather coarse knitted cardigan can look more casual and also by the materials targeted contrasts are set. And if it is warmer inside than expected, or you are invited to an elegant event, the cardigan can also simply be placed over the shoulders. Another cool look that always works and thanks to Dua Lipa we are reminded how easy it can be to combine summer clothes autumnal.

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