Dua Lipa wears THIS ponytail hairstyle from our childhood – and shows how cool to style it now

Dua Lipa gives the hairstyle a very special update. With her "Multi-Braided-Ponytail" we have already discovered the coolest ponytail trend for fall.

Concerts, festival or live performances - Dua Lipa can be seen everywhere right now. So it's no wonder that she regularly surprises us with new looks. Now the singer posts a picture of herself on Instagram, where she can be seen with our favorite hairstyle, the ponytail. If at first you think it's a simple braided ponytail, you'll be surprised in the following pictures - because there's more behind the supposedly simple hairstyle.

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Dua Lipa makes the "multi-braided ponytail" a ponytail trend for fall

Stars like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner love it, the "Braided Ponytail." The braided ponytail is definitely making a comeback in 2022, just like the "pigtail braids". Both hairstyles that we still know from our childhood days and are now totally hip again. Every trend comes back at some point, doesn't it? But singer Dua Lipa is now taking the revival of the braided ponytail to a whole new level. She turns one, not just two (as with the pigtails), but adds one more and makes it three. May we introduce the "Multi-Braided Ponytail" (click through is worth it, because only in the last pictures you see the hairstyle of the singer so right).

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"Multi-Braided-Ponytail": This makes this ponytail hairstyle so special

One ponytail, three (or more) braids: Dua Lipa demonstrates how it works. The highlight of the hairstyle is that after the hair is gathered into a ponytail, the lengths are braided into several pigtails. In the case of the singer, there are three, but those who have particularly full hair or want finer braids, can also braid several more.

At first, the hairstyle reminds us of something that our parents gave us in childhood days as a "cute" hairstyle. Dua Lipa skillfully shows how to get around the "cute factor": by wearing the "multi-braided ponytail" sleek. In this case, the hair lies strictly on the head and is fixed with hair gel and spray. This gives the hairstyle a cool, modern and grown-up look. Of course, hair styling is totally optional and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the hairstyle. Therefore, just try around and find the right finish for yourself. And no matter whether "sweet" or "adult" - the main thing is that YOU like it.

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