Dua Lipa without make-up and with our favourite Sunday hairstyle is exactly what we need today

In London, Dua Lipa showed up with no make-up and a casual updo, and we love her delightfully normal beauty look that we can all relate to SO well.

It’s always nice when celebrities show themselves as they are. Completely natural, without make-up, with an unagitated hairstyle and clothes that don’t come straight from the catwalk. Just the way most of us feel most comfortable. The fact that naturalness looks beautiful and should also be “worn” in public is now also proven by Dua Lipa, who walked through London with a cool leisure outfit, no make-up and an updo.

Dua Lipa without make-up and with casual everyday hairstyle

Dua Lipa is usually seen on the red carpet with rather dark make-up and perfectly done hair. Beautiful beauty looks that we always love to be inspired by. But her “natural look”, which she now showed on the streets of London, is almost a bit more dear to us, because we can simply identify with it so well. Not only is the singer without make-up (love it!), but she also wears the simplest and most casual hairstyle we know from Sundays on the sofa. Namely, a loose updo where the hair is simply twisted in briefly and then fixed with an XXL clip – it couldn’t be quicker or easier. But even if the hairstyle has a “sofa image”, it can be worn perfectly for more festive occasions or in the office. Here you can enhance the look, for example, with a hair clip that matches the colour of the outfit. The singer wears loose boyfriend jeans and a bright red bomber jacket with it, and next time we’ll be a bit more proud to go out without make-up, with a simple hairstyle and loose clothes!