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Elizabeth Olsen is an attractive American actress. She gained fame for her role as Wanda Maximoff, which is an integral part of the movie series called "The Avengers", and won millions of men's hearts around the world.

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Elizabeth Olsen is the daughter of banker David Olsen and ballerina Jarnett Fuller, but the girl's older sisters are much more famous.

Who hasn't watched a comedy movie starring the perky Olsen twins at least once? Now Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are designers, and their film careers are long gone.

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What can you say about Elizabeth. She received a first-class education in the United States and even studied for one semester in Russia, at the Moscow Art Theater School.

Since then, the actress has remembered Russian swear words, and a funny video where she talks about it on the Team Coco show is still circulating on the net.

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The girl made her debut in the film "Martha, Marcy May and Marlene." Even then, she earned critical acclaim and was even nominated for prestigious awards. This was followed by several more projects that helped Elizabeth Olsen move up the career ladder.

But, of course, the legendary role is the Scarlet Witch, who appeared in four films in the Avengers series. After that, many fans were interested in naked photos of Elizabeth. By the way, right now the actress is filming in a television series called WandaVision, in which her main partner is British actor Paul Bettany.

Personal life

For several years, the actress was in a romantic relationship with American actor Boyd Holbrook. Young people even announced their engagement in 2014, but, unfortunately, it never came to a wedding. A year after this event, Elizabeth and Boyd announced the breakup to the public. Elizabeth Olsen is currently dating American indie musician Robbie Arnett.


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Elizabeth Olsen - American actress, being a 7 girl, first appeared on the screen, participating in the filming of the film "Merry Days in the Wild West." He is quite active in acting. The last time she starred in 2018 was in the movie Avengers: Endgame. Elizabeth's personal life remains behind the scenes, so nothing is known about her. However, it is reliably known that she never married and has no children.

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