Essential Social Media Marketing tools: from content to SMM panels

An SMM specialist without tools is like a cobbler without boots; not only does it look sad, but it also gives the impression that he does not know how to work. Let us tell you where to start in order to make the contractor's and the customer's faces happy, and to make your social networking business work.

Preparing content and visuals

Planoly is not only a new take on a content plan (yes, one app now includes everything, without all the excels and text files), but also a cool way to play around with the visuals. Plus, you can include the whole team and make quick edits, avoiding deadline delays.

Auto-posting and delayed posting

Being on call 24/7 is a normal day for a sms person, but what if you're planning a long flight/grandma's birthday party or just suddenly have a situation where you can't get online? This is where schedulers are a great help - not only do they automate the process and allow you to stay on top of posting during more important tasks, but they also give you peace of mind that all posts will be published, even if you're not online and not on your phone at all.


After preparing and publishing content, we move on to statistics. Collecting them manually is time-consuming and not always possible. Here Popsters comes to the rescue, it analyzes engagement, finds the most popular posts, and identifies times and days when subscribers are most active. To make life easier, the results can be uploaded and sent at once to report to the customer.

This also includes Audiense, a tool for discussion analytics. It tracks reactions to content, analyses the audience, and offers tools to increase engagement. Also analyses Twitter ads (if you use them).

Publer - analyses ad placements on all advertising platforms. It sees not only your ads but also all the posts by given parameters (e.g. ad text or link), so it helps you keep an eye on your competitors.

Mentions tracking

Following and responding to comments on your own page is good, but it's better to do this with other company mentions on social media. This is where you can help:

YouScan - monitors brand mentions in real time, analyses the data and sends notifications on unusual activity (e.g. when there is a spike in negativity).


Sometimes, especially when setting up targeting, services for parsing audiences by given criteria are necessary. For example, you can gather users from three communities in a selected list at once. In this way, the target audience of interest can be identified more accurately.

Pepper Ninja is suitable for both professionals and beginners because of its simple interface. It collects all types of activity, all you need to do is set it up once.

SMM panel

The SMM panel is a marketing tool that helps with social media. The programme can be considered as a web application that enables users to sell some kind of goods or offer services in all social networks. Users use a simple panel and manage their offers.

The user can sell SMM services and search for potential customers. For example, it is possible to find followers on Instagram, create short promotional videos on Youtube or collect a huge number of likes in Instagram. The panel is dynamic and the user can change or add something.

N1Panel is probably the best SMM pannel that allows you to promote your content rather than just hang out in social networks. Many users will immediately notice it and want to try it out. Only users who use social networks to waste their time will pass by unnoticed. And if a person is running a business, such a solution will be of interest to them and give them the opportunity to get to the top as soon as possible, increase sales and become recognisable.

But it is not as simple as many people think. Every service has its downside, which is worth paying attention to on a mandatory basis.

This type of practice is not uncommon. It is there and in the near future even more users will pay attention to it, because business on the internet is only gaining momentum. But, you have to study all aspects carefully and only then come up with something. We all want to attract an audience and find potential clients, but we don't always get what we really need.

SMM panels are not used by many people for their intended purpose. They are used by people to buy likes and views. Also, relatively recently, shares of certain social networks have been sold here. On the one hand, it is profitable, but on the other hand?

Of course, one should not be categorical about it. If a user wants to achieve something, he will surely do it. There will be likes and views and the target audience will increase. But it is worth remembering that the people who do this are not real people, but non-existent pages that cannot be found on social networks. All of these profiles are fake, and some even consider them fraudulent.

Such profiles are registered all the time. If one such account is blocked, there will appear another, and then the third and so on. A person can earn good money, but his activity is considered artificial.

However, such panels are used everywhere, and no marketplace can do without them.

Social media contests and giveaways

We all know that different givs and raffles are conducted to increase activity. The principle is based on the fact that the winner is determined randomly and it cannot be done manually. It's great if it can be done as transparently as possible, without losing the connection, crashing the broadcast recording, etc. This is where the help comes in:

Giveaways, which automates winner selection for Instagram contests: it will check if the conditions are met (hashtag, subscribe, friend mark), weed out dishonest contestants and collect statistics on the contest. One of the coolest apps, in our opinion.

Randomus - like any other random generator (there is no point in enumerating them, there are more new ones appearing every day) is suitable when you assign numbers to participants manually. By the way, they work great not only with Instagram, but also with Telegram. Enter a table in Google-doc, assign everyone a number, and then determine a winner at random.

To avoid getting bogged down in all of the above and to easily track the status of a project (especially if there's more than one) - use Trello. It allows you to sort your topics and arrange them in a way that suits you. Like we do (open tasks, in progress, completed, etc.), or you can divide it all up by teammates or subtasks.

Share your favourite services in the comments and good luck!

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