Florence Pugh is already sporting the most festive bun hairstyle for Christmas with her “double-bun”.

True to the motto "double is better", actress Florence Pugh presents herself with the matching hairstyle, which consists of not just one but two hairdos.

So far, Florence Pugh has mainly caused a stir with her beautiful naked dresses at red carpet appearances. Now, however, a hairstyle has caught our eye that is not only totally wearable, but also makes an excellent festive Christmas hairstyle. And best of all, it's a hairstyle classic that the actress has given a modern twist.

Florence Pugh with "Double-Bun": See her festive bun hairstyle here

We already know that the chignon is super versatile and suitable for both everyday wear and after-work parties. But Florence Pugh shows that it can also be reinvented again and again with her "double bun". The actress is currently on a promotional tour for her new film "The Wonder" (here's all the info on the film) and accordingly presents herself with new looks every day. Star hair artist Peter Lux conjured up the double bun and shows off his creations on Instagram. In the first picture of the post, you can only see the hairstyle from the front. If you swipe further, you can see the "double bun" hairstyle in its entirety.

Florence Pugh with "Double-Bun"

Under the pictures, Peter Lux writes: "We did something… Yes, we brought back the high bun! And added an extra knot just to be safe… @florencepugh for the final press night of @netflixfilm 'The Wonder in LA". The actress gives the hairstyle evergreen a modern update, while the makeup stays pretty classic: red lips and cat-eye eyeliner. This literally screams for a festive beauty look!

What makes the double bun the coolest Christmas hairstyle for 2022?

In fact, several details make Florene Pugh's double bun the perfect festive hairstyle. From the front, the top bun almost looks like a bow. You can't see in the picture exactly which hair accessory Peter Lux used to "split" the chignon in the middle, but it has the effect of making it look like a bow. Of course, this works best with a hair clip, which, to exaggerate, can squeeze the chignon in the middle.

If you think the bow effect is too kitschy, you can of course just leave the chignon as it is and simply double it. To do this, divide the hair in two, approximately at the level of the ear. Fix the lower half first and gather the upper half into a (very) high chignon. This can sit on the top of your head. Then repeat the process with the other half at the back of the head - the "double bun" is finished. Yes, it's so easy and the result is an absolute eye-catcher.