Florence Pugh makes this “man accessory” red carpet-worthy – including mega side boob moment

Between boyfriend jeans and unisex looks: fashion is becoming more and more fluid and moved into new contexts. Actress Florence Pugh proves how ingenious this can look - but see for yourself.

With some fashion pieces we have a clear association that assigns them to certain contexts and people. This is also the case with the tie, which comes classically from the business world and is mostly worn by male or male-read people. That the stuffy piece can also be different, proves us actress Florence Pugh, who makes the tie the eye-catcher of her red carpet look. Including a mega side boob moment. Here you can learn everything about her outfit and the fashion trend shown there.

Florence Pugh: This is how the actress combines the tie to her red carpet look.

For the screening of her latest movie "A Good Person" Florence Pugh once again shows up in a pretty awesome outfit. The actress, who is known for her stunning looks (showing a lot of naked skin), stands for a self-determined image of women who are not afraid to stage their bodies - over conventions and supposed no-go's. Her latest combo is a stylistic anecdote to gender dressing and a maxi dress reminiscent of Black Tie - tie included. The Valentino dress consists of a black skirt part and a white semi-sheer top made of textured fabric. The top, while looking like a classic (high-necked) collared shirt, only covers the front part of her torso and exposes her back, making for a pretty cool side-boob moment. She wears platform heels (also by Valentino) with this, as well as gold ear piercings and a glittery septum by Maria Tash.

Here's why we love the genius twist on Florence Pugh's look, which relies on this hip accessory

Why we are once again mega in love with Florence Pugh and her look? For one, it's because of the ingenious references of her business look, which takes a classic (black-tie suit) and revives it in a different silhouette. Well done, Valentino! And then, on the other hand, there is the tie. The accessory known from men's clothing, which was an it-piece especially in the 00s, already experienced a small revival in 2022. Now it seems to be back for good - at least that's the tenor of the designers. At Valentino, Dior, Hermès and Alexander McQueen we could admire it in the most different variations in the fall/winter collections for 2023. And we are pretty sure: After the street style influencers have already discovered the trend for themselves, we will also see the tie more and more often in the looks of fashion professionals. Or on the red carpet with stars like Florence Pugh.

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