Florence Pugh shows us the perfect 5-minute hair & make-up look for the festive season

Actress Florence Pugh gives us hair and make-up inspiration (again), which is just in time for Christmas.

On the red carpet of the British Fashion Awards on 6 December 2022, actress Florence Pugh showed up in a glamorous red gown by Valentino and combined the backless outfit with the coolest hair and make-up look that we can immediately copy for the next Christmas party or Christmas Eve. Not only does it look particularly cool, but it's also totally on trend, and will be until next year. And the best thing about it: the look only takes five minutes.

Florence Pugh with dark red lipstick and sleek hair

Red lipstick is always on trend, and of course it goes better with Christmas than any other colour. When it comes to shade, the sky's the limit, but Florence Pugh shows us how we like to wear red lipstick this winter. Namely, deep dark! On the red carpet of the British Fashion Awards, the lipstick looks almost black from a distance, but is actually dark red, and even with a slight variation. Florence Pugh wears the lipstick in an ombré look and yet does not completely forgo the classic red. While the outer edge of the lips is made up in an extremely dark shade of red, the middle of the lip is in a light shade of red. A pretty cool combination!

As for the hairstyle, Florence Pugh goes for the sleek hair look, as she has done many times before. For the event, she slicked back her shoulder-length bob and flipped her hair to the left side. This gives the look a certain elegance without making it look too severe.

How to do Florence Pugh's 5-minute style

For the lips, it is important to use a lip liner in the (dark) colour of the outer lipstick so that the contours do not run. After outlining, apply a little dark red lipstick to a lip brush and apply make-up to half of the upper and lower lip. Change the brush (or clean it well) and apply a light red lipstick to the inner lip.

For the hairstyle, comb the hair back with a good amount of styling gel and a brush or comb. It's up to you whether you simply lay your hair casually over your head (like Florence Pugh) or create a strict centre or side parting. To make sure that the hairstyle lasts the whole evening, fix it with a little hairspray.