From Ufc to hot photos, Paige Vanzant: “I’m proud and I earn more”

Her name is Paige VanZant, she’s 28, and she hasn’t had a fight since 2020: thanks to her new job on entertainment platforms.

Her success came thanks to mixed martial arts, but then she changed jobs. It is the story of Paige VanZant: at 26 she was among the most followed fighters in the world, even when her results were not the best. The reason? Sport has nothing to do with it. Just take a quick tour on social media to understand the strength of the wrestler born in Dundee in 1994. Given her peak in popularity, VanZant thought it was appropriate to have a better contract, but Dana White, president of the UFC, was not of the same notice.

From that moment on, Paige decided to take advantage of her aesthetic appearance even more. How? She turned to platforms where erotic content can be sold and she has put aside MMA fights ever since. “At the time it was a heartbreaking choice, I knew I was giving up the power of combat sports, but today I say it was the best decision I could have made,” says VanZant. Her last fight now dates back to 2020 and she has no desire to return to the ring. At least for now.

Paige Vanzant’s story: from Ufc to hot content

Although it is not entirely true that Paige has left the world of sports. She still competes in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and has entered professional wrestling, although her main job remains her page: “Now I’m making more money in a month than in my entire contract. It’s crazy! “. The 28-year-old explained the reason that she pushed her not to turn to OnlyFans, but to open a site of her own.

“It feels more like a p * rn * star thing there,” said Paige. “I wanted to do something my way. In a professional way. I wanted my own website and that’s what I did. Basically I’m the one doing exclusive things. I am proud to say that I am part of it “. And then she added: “I was part of the Ufc for six years, I fought for eight, I am finally reaping the fruits of my work”.

Vanzant career

On April 18, 2015 VanZant will face compatriot Felice Herrig at the UFC on Fox event: Machida vs. Rockhold. Following a first round of competition, VanZant demonstrates his clear superiority in grappling by dominating the match and winning a unanimous decision after three rounds.

In September she faces Australian Alex Chambers at the UFC 191 event. After dominating most of the match with very aggressive grappling and striking, VanZant took the victory by submission by applying an armbar in the third round.

In December she was due to face Joanne Calderwood in the UFC Fight Night 80 main event. However, on October 28, she was removed from the event and replaced by Rose Namajunas. VanZant lost the match by being dominated to the mat from the first to the last round; she despite this she showed an excellent defense against the submission of the opponent, managing to escape from a strangulation from behind and from two attempts to armbar. She finally got subdued with a rear-naked choke in the fifth round.

On August 27, 2016, she faced Bec Rawlings. Seconds from the start of the second round, Paige landed with a kick while jumping, hitting Rawlings in the face who landed on the mat; later VanZant found no resistance in ending the match with the ground and pound. She was also awarded the Performance of the Night award.

In December she was faced with Michelle Waterson at the UFC on Fox 22 event. She VanZant was subdued in the first round with a choke from behind.

Paige Vanzant body measurements

Paige VanZant usually focuses on aggressive grappling and has also shown striking ability. Her fighting style includes ground and pound, dirty boxing and a wide variety of bouts in the clinch. When standing, she often tries to bring the opponent to the edges of the cage, where she uses knees, elbows and punches.

She also stood out for her ability to apply constant pressure during her encounters. Should the opponent try to break out of her clinch, Paige typically tries to close the gap right away. That skill was showcased at the UFC Fight Night 57 event, during her encounter with Kailin Curran, where she was unable to keep her distance from her. Over the course of the three-round match, Herrig was kept constantly on the ground due to Paige’s ability to grappling. Nonetheless, VanZant has also proven adept at foot wrestling, where she usually performs with high kicks and punches.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, VanZant also has value in Brazilian jiu jitsu, having achieved a blue belt in the discipline.

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