Hot photos of Kylie Jenner nude leaked from Onlyfans

Model Kylie Jenner, just like her sister Kim Kardashian, recently posted a photo on her Instagram in a transparent naked dress.

Kylie Jenner nudes leaked

The Kardashian star family once again arranged a family New Year's photo shoot. And it was after this photo shoot that Kylie posted her photo, in which she is in a transparent dress with sequins. If you look closely, you can see that the model has no underwear. But something more serious is not seen there.

The youngest of the Kardashian family, Jenner loves to shock the public with revealing outfits, even despite her still so young age. Naked Kylie Jenner appeared in the photo in magazines, as well as in pictures from the paparazzi, showing her rather big ass and breasts.

Kylie Jenner was born on 08/10/1997. Kylie Jenner earns a living by building a career as an actress. We have collected for you, bit by bit, a lot of intimate photos that Kylie Jenner has delighted and delights her fans with, including cuts from programs, clips, films, exposed personal and stolen archival photos, photos from vacation. The entire collection is collected from open sources on the Internet.

Kylie Jenner is a very famous person. The girl is still very young, she was born on August 10, 1997. But she is already a successful blogger, model, businesswoman, billionaire and happy mother. Kylie became famous after the release of the reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in 2007, at that time she was only 10 years old. Having matured, the girl began to develop her social networks and launched a cosmetics brand. Kylie now has 250 million followers on Instagram, and the girl's income is several billion dollars.

Kylie has very good external data and a beautiful figure, but for all this she had to use the services of a plastic surgeon. Despite the fact that Jenner already has a daughter, she is not shy about taking part in candid photo shoots, sharing photos in a swimsuit and underwear with fans. But many fans of the girl are interested in seeing naked photos of Kylie Jenner.

Leaked photos of Kylie Jenner

The girl is proud of her body, so her Instagram is full of candid photos, and the network has a leak of Kylie Jenner. We managed to find all the sexy and leaked photos of Kylie Jenner, in which you can clearly see the beautiful forms of the star.

Sexy Kylie Jenner has repeatedly posed in nude style for glossy magazines. The pictures clearly show naked breasts and a rounded ass. The model also likes to act in erotic lingerie, which almost does not cover intimate places. No less exciting came the footage from the paparazzi, where Kylie basks in the sun in a bikini.

Lush beauty Kylie Jenner showed her nude pictures. This young beauty is a happy owner of a beautiful luxurious body. Wide hips and large breasts complement her luxury and temptation. Thin lingerie or light dresses only complement the spice star. TV series actress Kylie poses in revealing poses and is looking for attention for her indiscreet charms.

In some photos, she is a burning brunette in transparent lingerie, in others - a blonde in exquisite outfits. The actress knows how to teach herself and make the image incredibly sexy. Her smooth skin and seductive forms leave no one indifferent.

You can enjoy naked Kylie Jenner at photo shoots for glossy and photos from the personal archive. Nude star shapes excite the male audience. Especially good is her mouth-watering ass, which she does not forget to expose in the pictures. Photos of a celebrity in underwear are also good, especially transparent - where bare breasts are visible. We were also pleased with the paparazzi, who filmed Kylie on vacation in a skimpy bikini.

Kylie Jenner hot pics

But do not rush to get upset. We found other new photos of naked Kylie Jenner posing for various photographers. We offer you to admire the forms of the famous lady. Of course, you will not be able to evaluate the elasticity of her buttocks and breasts. But you will definitely enjoy the beauty of its form. See photos of naked Kylie Jenner below.


Kylie Jenner is a bright phenomenon in the business world. The girl turned into a clear illustration of how to extract millions of dollars from idle curiosity for her own person. At the same time, the owner of the trademark is a reality TV star and a happy mother.

Childhood and youth

Kylie Jenner was born on August 10, 1997 in Los Angeles, California. The girl's father was William Bruce Jenner, who in his youth was a world famous decathlete. In 1976, at the Montreal Olympics, Bruce won a gold medal and set a world record that lasted until the next Olympic Games. However, Bruce Jenner is more famous not for this, but for the fact that he is the most popular transgender on the planet.

In 2015, Kylie Jenner's father, who at that time was 65 years old, decided to come out and stop hiding his own identity. He took the name Caitlyn Jenner and admitted that from a young age he felt like a woman in a man's body and even used hormone replacement therapy. In the 80s, Bruce stopped drinking pills, as he met Kylie's future wife and mother, businesswoman Kris Kardashian, an Irishwoman.

Kylie Jenner leak photos

In 2017, the head of the family completed the transformation from a man to a woman. Bruce-Caitlin went through a series of surgical procedures because she wanted to "have all the right body parts." The new Jenner wrote a book about this biography page. Kylie understood her father's act, saying that she was proud of such a brave man.

Chris adheres to traditional views on life. The woman attends numerous social events, and also acts as a director and producer of various television projects. Bruce's ex-wife (the couple divorced in 2015) also found words of support for him - she wrote on social networks that she considers a hero.

Kylie Jenner sexy

In the Jenner family, Kylie became the second daughter - the girl has an older sister, Kendall, who was born in 1995. But the list of relatives of the young model does not end there, since Bruce Jenner is the second husband of Chris. From 1978 to 1990, she was married to lawyer Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003 from esophageal cancer. In this marriage, Kylie's mother gave birth to 4 children: daughters Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian and son Robert Jr. Bruce's marriage to Chris is also not the first. Therefore, Kylie has half-siblings. The mother of Cassandra and Burton was Christy Scott, Jenner's first wife. In alliance with actress Linda Thompson, Bruce got Brody and Brandon.

The Kardashian Family Show

This noisy family, whose representatives are characterized by a love of outrageousness and public attention, became known to the general public thanks to the television reality “The Kardashian Family”. The show started in 2007, 4 years after the death of Chris' first husband and 16 years after Bruce married her. Jenner didn't mind naming the show after her first husband's last name, which most of Kris' children have.

Kylie Jenner was 10 years old when the show began. The program had a simple reality show format and showed the ups and downs of the life of a wealthy family. Viewers were shown how domineering and despotic Kris Jenner can be, how hard Chloe is going through the death of her father, how Courtney found out about the pregnancy and thought about whether to leave the child, and so on.

Kylie Jenner Onlyfans

In fact, nothing exciting happened in this reality show and the participants did not demonstrate any special talents. Nevertheless, the program became extremely popular and won high ratings. Americans really liked watching the life of a wealthy family, empathizing with the participants, enjoying conflicts, scandals and moments of reconciliation.

The TV show turned out to be so popular that many seasons of this spectacle, dubious in terms of cultural value, were filmed. And now the series does not think to close. The Kardashian-Jenners skillfully took advantage of the popularity that had fallen on their heads, multiplying their wealth at times. The matured offspring went into business, became successful models, began to take their first steps in the cinema, release their own lines of clothing, shoes and accessories.

As a child, Kylie Jenner was always under the guns of video cameras. It is unlikely that the girl is inclined to complain about fate, but Kylie admits that growing up in such a family and in such conditions was not easy. Life in a reality show is not only compliments from fans, but also a flurry of criticism. According to Kylie, as a teenager it was not easy to cope with the negativity directed at her, but at the same time, the TV show taught her to admit mistakes and improve, become better.

Kylie Jenner naked photos

Kylie spent her childhood and teenage years in the California city of Calabasas, studying at the Sierra Canyon School. Although relationships with peers were not easy because of the same "Kardashian Family", the charming Kylie managed to become a cheerleader at school. In 2012, when the popularity of the family grew to unprecedented proportions, the matured girl was transferred to home schooling. Kylie completed her high school education thanks to Novel Education, a homeschooling agency.

Kylie Jenner has a warm relationship with many members of a large family, but her sister Kendall remains the closest and dearest person, the age difference with which is 2 years. Relatives were inseparable in childhood and maintained a strong friendship even now, when both shone on the model catwalks.


Given the popularity of the TV show, it's no surprise that Kylie's Instagram account has a huge following. Each new photo collects hundreds of comments: subscribers are happy to discuss whether Kylie's new lipstick or style suits Kylie, admire the figure or be surprised at the look without makeup.

For so many years, the girl suffered from increased attention from the public, but she learned to benefit from it. Kylie received her first $100,000 from her sisters for advertising OPI Kardashian Kolor nail polish.

The podium career began long before adulthood - the girl was chosen as her representative by the Crush Your Style clothing line. The first mention of the Jenner sisters as budding models dates back to 2010, when People magazine wrote about them in the Beautiful People section. Kylie, far from model standards (height - 168 cm, weight - 60 kg), but bright and well-groomed, liked the designers and soon starred for a number of popular magazines - Vogue, Teen, Ok !.

Kylie Jenner nudes

The younger Jenner posed for acclaimed photographer Nick Saglimbeni, advertised for clothes launched by cousin Natasha, and showed off Abbey Dawn (a collection designed by Avril Lavigne) during New York Fashion Week in 2011. At this time, the girl did not stop acting in the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and in 2013 won the Teen Choice Awards in the category “Female Reality Show / Entertainment Star”.

While continuing to work as a model, Kylie began to think about her own fashion line, and in 2013 Pac Sun released an exclusive line of outfits called Kendall & Kylie. The design of all wardrobe items included in the collection was developed by the Jenner sisters. The brand is in great demand and popularity.

Girls generally like to work together. So, for example, in 2014, the couple hosted the Much Music Video Awards ceremony. Under a contract with Steve Madden, they came up with a collection of shoes and bags for a youth audience. At 17, Kylie became the face of Nip + Fab, Balmain x Beats Dr. Dre.

In addition, in the creative union, the girls wrote the book "City of Hydra: The Story of Lex and Libya." As Kylie later recalled, they wanted to talk about life. The school period was clothed in a literary form. Taking on the writing of the work, the sisters decided to do something different, and the result was a science fiction novel. Although the events in it are far from what happened to Jenner in real life, Kylie and Kendall are pleased with the result.

The younger Jenner owns her own cosmetic line called Kylie Cosmetics. The owner of the brand said that she became interested in cosmetics because of complexes and under the influence of Kim's fame. She believed that makeup is a means of disguising insecurity in front of the cameras, and not just appearance flaws. In this way, the girl monetized the flurry of criticism that fell upon her for overly plump lips.

The effect, Kylie explained, is due to lipstick and a special suction cup. The first 15 thousand sets of lipstick and contour that went on sale sold out in 1 minute. Holiday collection Kylie Lip brought Jenner $ 19 million per day.

The girl advertises each new cosmetic product in social media accounts. Therefore, it is worth Kylie, for example, to demonstrate eye makeup with the help of the new Kylie Cosmetics shadows, as fans sweep products from store shelves and fill up official and resale sites with orders. In the assortment, the first place is given to lipsticks, followed by shadows, highlighters, eyeliners, pencils, blush and tools.

At the same time, there are no exclusive recipes in Kylie Jenner products, the experience of the Spatz Laboratories brand is used. Former employees of this factory claim that production is on stream (which is considered a minus in this area), and meticulous buyers find cheap ingredients with every purchase.

Kylie Jenner has managed to turn social media into a wealth-making tool. The Kylie Cosmetics brand was founded in 2015 and has become a leader in the cosmetics market in such a short period of time.

According to Time estimates, one post on Instagram or Twitter of the owner is worth $ 1 million. The star's Instagram is considered one of the most expensive in the world. In terms of the amount of funds in bank accounts, she overtook her sister Kim, earning $ 1 billion by the end of 2018. Income was also generated by her own reality show Life of Kylie, which airs on E!

By the way, with the help of this project, an ordinary high school student named Albert became famous. The young man invited one of his girlfriends to the prom, but she refused him. Then he wrote to Kylie, and she really appeared at a significant event for every student. And not alone, but with model Jordyn Woods. The whole event was filmed and shown on the show, and Albert woke up the next day as a real star.

Together with Adidas, Jenner introduced a rebranded series of Falcon Dorf sports shoes. Sneakers have been produced before. But the manufacturer said that he rethought the old products thanks to a new face: Kylie was inspired by the fact that she loves the style of the 90s, which is reflected in the new collection. Before the contract with Adidas, the model ended cooperation with Puma, by agreement with which she received a seven-figure sum.

In 2020, it became known that Kylie Jenner lost her billionaire title. It turned out that the girl lied to Forbes reporters for many years and greatly exaggerated the profits of the cosmetics brand she created. This event undermined the reputation of the entrepreneur. Previously, Kylie was considered the youngest billionaire in the world according to Forbes magazine.

In 2021, the star launched a swimwear collection, subsequently supplementing it with models for children. And in honor of her 24th birthday, she presented new cosmetics, which included various palettes with shadows, eye serums and, of course, lip glosses. The inspiration for the collection was, according to her, 24 carat gold.

Style and appearance

Kylie hid for a long time that she resorted to plastic surgery. At the same time, the difference between how the girl's lips looked before and how much more voluminous they became after injections is visible to the naked eye.

Angry social media users even organized a flash mob, parodying Jenner's excessive increase in this part of her face.

In 2018, pictures of a representative of the star family appeared on the Web, which showed Kylie's desire to return to natural forms. Removal of fillers Jenner commented with the words that she realized the impact actions have on people, therefore she does not want to look like an artificial doll. The girl demonstrated the updated appearance on the first cover of the cult Vogue magazine in her career.

Kylie Jenner resorted to plastic waist and buttocks. The model herself assures that such forms are given to her by nature, but earlier she did not have such magnificent forms. In addition, you can notice a discrepancy between voluminous hips, buttocks, a thin waist and slender legs.

The model is not shy about the scar on her leg and is proud of this "mark from childhood, which reminds of an important event in life." The girl boldly puts on extremely short outfits and does not mask skin damage, being removed for gloss.

Kylie is experimenting not only with cosmetics and face, but also with the image. Experiences of style icons with hair color, haircut shape are adopted by millions of followers. People copy clothing combinations, hairstyles, body-inspired selfies, run to the gym to look like a model.

Ariel Tejada is Kylie Jenner's personal makeup artist. Back in 2016, the model drew attention to the Instagram account of a young makeup artist and herself offered cooperation. Since then, Ariel has been working in the Kardashian-Jenner family and helping the famous sisters in creating new images.

Personal life

As a representative of Bohemia, Kylie Jenner communicates mainly with popular personalities. So, among the girl's friends are Gigi and Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and many others.

As for men, in 2012, Kylie met with Cody Simpson, a pop artist from Australia, then closely communicated with the grown-up Jaden Smith, the son of famous actor Will Smith. After the rapper Tyga became the chosen one of the girl, however, at the end of 2015, the couple broke up.

The next changes in Jenner's personal life occurred after the Coachella music festival, where the paparazzi caught the beauty in the company of rapper Travis Scott. The musician wrote beats for Kanye West, and he produced 2 albums of his colleague. In honor of the song "Butterfly", the lovers made paired tattoos. For her boyfriend's birthday, Kylie organized a party where she invited Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Scott, as friends of the young man later said, was in seventh heaven with happiness.

In 2018, Kylie became the family's top newsmaker. The first event touched on her personal life - the model gave birth to a daughter, Stormi. A pregnant girl did not advertise an interesting position for a long time. Around the pregnancy of Kylie Jenner, an atmosphere of mystery was escalated, and only Caitlin confirmed the fact. However, the news, according to American media reports, did not please the future grandmother. Caitlin was wary of Kylie's boyfriend and generally believed that her daughter was still young for motherhood. But the expectant mother believed that it was too late for a girl to give birth to her first child after 30 years.

And secrecy played into the hands: the first photo of the girl on Kylie's Instagram gained 14 million views in a day. Surely sales have risen and, accordingly, deductions from Calvin Klein, in whose advertising campaign the sisters starred. And if Chloe's pregnancy was obvious, then the public learned about Kylie's interesting position much later.

Six months after the appearance of the baby, the parents starred in the first joint photo shoot for GQ. The celebrity shot graced the cover of Forbes, which caused a serious outcry, since Kardashian-Jenner's reputation in business circles is not perfect, and a number of readers of the business magazine did not appreciate the editorial plan.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott broke up in 2019. The main reason for the breakup is that the star couple does not have the same views on life. The girl wanted to devote time to her family, while the rapper did not share Kylie's views and paid more attention to his career. However, fans believe that the couple broke up because of the model Rojan Kar. In one of the interviews, the star said that they had decided to raise baby Stormi together, who stayed with her mother.

Throughout the year, Travis and Jenner met at family reunions for Stormi. In 2020, information appeared in the media about the reunion of former lovers. In the fall, Kylie posted on Instagram a joint photo with Travis Scott, where they advertised the Givenchy collection.

In September 2021, the celebrity confirmed rumors of a second pregnancy. She posted a touching video on the social network, which showed a mini-story from demonstrating a positive test to an ultrasound and happy moments with announcements of good news to relatives. In February, the star announced the date of birth of the baby - 02/02/2022. At the same time, Kylie was in no hurry to destroy the intrigue regarding the sex of the child.

Later it became known that Kylie's heir was named by Wolf Webster.

Kylie Jenner now
Kylie Jenner is now the most sought after and highest paid model in the world. Well-known brands want to cooperate with her. In addition, she has the status of the youngest entrepreneur in the ranking of the richest women in the world. Jenner continues to work on the Kylie Cosmetics brand.

For Valentine's Day in 2022, the celebrity released a new collection of cosmetics called Valentine Collection launches, the hallmark of which was a visual embodiment - all palettes and lipsticks were made in the shape of hearts. The official start of the sale of new cosmetics happened the day after Jenner gave birth to her second child.

Interesting Facts

  • Kylie Jenner was born in mid-August, the girl's zodiac sign is Leo
  • Kylie loves cars. There are dozens of expensive cars in the star's fleet, including 6 Ferraris, 2 Mercedes G-Wagons, 2 Lamborghini Aventadors, Mercedes Maybachs, 3 Rolls Royce Wraith & Ghosts, and a vintage 1930s Rolls Royce.
  • Kylie Jenner decided to brand the name in 2015. However, this was opposed by Kylie Minogue as she believed it could damage her name.
  • Kylie Jenner bought a $36.5 million home in Holmby Hills. The area of ​​the property is 1800 square meters. The star's mansion has cinemas, bars, a gym, as well as playrooms for daughter Stormi.
  • The girl dreams of building a career in cinema. Kylie starred in the movie "Ocean's 8" in a cameo, and also continues to participate in the reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians".