Hot TikTok Girls

The social network TikTok became incredibly popular in a short period of time. Girls making videos to rhythmic music started gaining millions of views and subscribers in less than two years. The social network continues to evolve and grow, and at the same time delight users with new bloggers with unique content. We offer a closer look at the brightest representatives of the industry.

Social media is full of hot TikTok girls wearing very little clothes. Some train, dance, and make funny videos. But most of the hot people seem to be attracted to TikTok, in fact these are his hottest TikTokers that everyone should follow.

When the hottest TikTokers post, everyone on social media is talking about it. Every day, they heat up the internet with content like funny videos, makeup tutorials, health tips, songs, and family time. Oh yeah they all look so hot doing it. They never miss an opportunity to connect with their fans and show off their incredible beauty. Of course, they're more than just eye candy, but these red-hot influencers are setting social media on fire on a daily basis.

Bella Poarch

One of the main stars of TikTok, who rose to fame with a video of her nodding her head. It has been viewed almost 500 million times. She was able to monetize this story: big brands are lining up for Bella to shoot commercials for them. Her exotic looks (Bella has Filipino roots) help her be a model as well. Last year she decided to conquer the stage and released the hit "Build a Bitch".

Bella's somewhat unconventional beauty - wide-set eyes, a perky upturned nose and lively facial expressions - helped her earn more than thirty-six million subscribers. The girl changes images from rocky to homey, and in each one she feels like a fish in water.

The girl also published a music video, which was attended by many celebrities. For example, you can see Valkyrae, Mia Khalifa, Bretman Rock and others in the video.

Charlie D'Amelio

A super-hot TikTok girl,Charlie was one of the first to cross the milestone of 100 million subscribers. Experts found out that almost 100 thousand people subscribe to her every day. Damelio became famous online for the scandal two years ago, when she invited a professional chef to her home and openly mocked his dishes and imitated burping. Charlie later apologized for her behavior.

The girl gained popularity thanks to her dance videos called Move with Joe. Users liked this format and quickly began to subscribe to Charlie. Even the very first videos of this hot tiktok girl got two and three million views.

Now she has more than a hundred million followers. Charlie is the most popular and hot tiktoker in the world. Fame in social networks has borne fruit in real life: the dancer was noticed and began to be invited to performances of world stars. Thus, she appeared on stage with Jennifer Lopez, at the NBA All-Star Game, and at the Jonas Brothers performance.

Addison Rae

Another super-popular and sexy tiktoker who also made the list of richest bloggers from TikTok in 2020. At the time, her fortune was estimated at $5 million, although she is just over 20.

Edison has been called one of the most beautiful TikTokers, and she emphasizes her attractiveness in every way possible by wearing fashionable clothes, using branded bags and other accessories. True, there are those who believe that Rae has photoshopped herself too much.  

Smiling cheerful Ray gives her viewers endless smiles, cheerful dancing and a good mood for the whole day. She is not afraid to make faces, clown around in front of the camera, and show herself from different angles.

Lauren Grey

Lauren Grey is from a time when TikTok was called Musically, so it was easy and familiar for her to get into that format. She went online because of problems at school: her classmates made fun of her. Her childhood dream led her not only to 100 million subscribers, but also to high royalties and worldwide popularity.

She recently recorded her own compositions and signed with the world's major record companies, Virgin Records and Capitol Records. American celebrities have been honored to work with her, such as Traylor Swift.

Lauren started making videos at the age of 14, when tiktok was still called Musically. Because of this, this sexy TikTok girl was bullied at school, but she didn't give up and continued to do what she loved. Now she makes tiktok videos and also records her own tracks. She even signed with Virgin Records and Capitol Records, well-known American labels. Her career has gone sharply upward: she is actively filming music videos and actively taking part in other people's music videos. For example, she has appeared in a Taylor Swift video and many other global stars.

More than fifty million people are subscribed to her tiktok account, making her one of the world's most popular tiktokers.

Katharina Deme

Katarina Demeis the girlfriend of the Australian rapper The Kid LAROI. He is called the new Drake and Jay-Z. After they started dating a couple of years ago, Katarina started TikTok and started posting videos with dancing and lip-synching (opening her mouth to someone else's song). But it's not even that that attracts the public, it's her outstanding form. We understand her boyfriend.  


This beauty's Asian appearance is bizarrely paired with unnaturally large eyes that create an incredibly cute effect. And her adorable face with almost childlike features creates an amazing contrast to her totally not childlike feminine forms.

katarina d (@katarinademe)

And this tiktoker boasts not only a large audience, but also a voluminous shape that draws the eye and adds to her charm. The girl smiles sweetly, makes eyes and isn't shy about showing off her beauty on her roller skates.


Beauty sometimes takes the most unexpected forms that evoke mixed feelings. The appearance of this person cannot be called insanely beautiful by general standards, but she definitely attracts attention - mainly due to her unrealistically long legs. Believe me, not even Barbie dolls can boast such slender hips and legs "from the ears".

Vanessa Merrell

Vanessa is the sweetest girl with nice features. She not only has a good command of her body, periodically pleasing her subscribers with beautiful dances, but also has a remarkable imagination, so it is a pleasure to watch her videos.

Vasilisa (@vasilisabeautiful)

Vasilisa is a fan of taking part in various trends. You should have put the label "18+" on her account, because she likes tight-fitting clothes, short tops and miniskirts and looks very attractive. This, however, doesn't stop her from looking hot even when wearing a stretchy, baggy t-shirt.

Hoor Mahaveera (@hoormahaveera)

Oriental beauty is an unusual sight, and in the case of this tiktoker, also insanely mesmerizing. Blond hair and intense green eyes that are nearly impossible to look away from are her trademark. She performs oriental tic-tac-toe tracks, magically changing her image from mysteriously gentle to sassy and sexy.

Skai Jackson (@skaijackson)

The unruly bouffant hair, pouty lips, and serious face that so easily blurs into a cute, shy smile is something worth checking out on Skai's channel for. In addition, the girl shoots funny and vital videos that will resonate in the heart of almost everyone. 


Here is our pick of the hottest tiktokers and most beautiful girls on TikTok right now. Winning this title is harder than it sounds, and as you can see, most people have huge followings.

There's no doubt that as TikTok grows, more girls will climb the ranks, but for now, this is the definitive list of the hottest girls on TikTok and you should check it out.Happy Tik Topping!