In the self-test: The trend hair color “Glazed Copper”, which celebrities like Kendall Jenner swear by in the fall.

Copper has already been experiencing a real hype since the spring and summer of 2022, and now it's time to make the hair trend around the red tone suitable for autumn. Stars like model Kendall Jenner are showing the way - and we've tested the look for you.

The fact that copper and various reddish nuances can be found again and again among current hair trends is mainly thanks to red natural hair colors like those of actresses Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams as well as presenter Palina Rojinski, who have always inspired with their fiery hair splendor. But there is also hope for fans of the copper tone who are not naturally blessed with red hair - because the trend for hair colors with a reddish shimmer will continue in fall 2022. "Glazed Copper" is the perfect choice if you want to intensify your existing red tone or if you want to completely recolor your natural hair color copper. We have dared the self-test and tested the trend around Glazed Copper for you.

"Glazed Copper": Beauty editor Giulia tests the trend

Actually, I don't like to be tied down to one hair color, because I've been regularly experimenting with regard to my look since 2020 and have dyed my actually dark brown hair from cherry red to fire red, light copper, Strawberry Blonde, blonde, blonde-brown and back to a golden copper shade in the last two years. With the result that my hitherto actually quite healthy hair is now from the bleaching sessions and the frequent recoloring but very taken and stressed. The summer with extreme heat, intense sunlight and beach vacations in Greece with lots of salt water has done the rest. My desire for a new hair look is more than understandable at the sight of my current mane or what is left of it. How good that the copper hue is fully trendy in 2022 and thanks to model Kendall Jenner and TikTok star Jaci Marie Smith moves many fans to copy. Including me. At the John Frieda Salon Mayfair in London, I tested the "Glazed Copper" trend for fall 2022. 

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"Glazed Copper": My self-test

The before comparison

How my hair looks before the self-test is shown in the following picture. My hair quality is very dry and brittle due to the combination of sun, sea water, and constant styling and coloring, and the color is clearly washed out. Likewise, you can see my dark hairline and that my hair looks dull and lacking in strength.

Step 1

At the beginning of my appointment, my hairdresser, Arron Taylor, gives me extensive advice regarding the exact choice of copper shade. Copper is a very multi-faceted shade and can be colored in different variations depending on your preference. Since my hair was quite faded before the self-test and still very light due to my previous bleaching, we decide to refresh the copper, i.e. a higher pigmentation of the reddish undertone, which is then complemented with so-called "glow lights", i.e. lighter highlights (more on this soon).

Step 2

Moving on, I will now start with my dark base. Even though I've been re-blonding over the past few months, my hair naturally grows back brunette. A reason why I have recently decided against completely blonde hair and instead want to focus on the trend around copper. Arron applies the color directly to the roots and roots at the back of the head to create a level playing field. 

Step 3

After the color has set, he washes out the copper shade and then begins applying the "Glow Lights", which are the highlights that frame my face to create a natural-looking, sun-kissed look. The color of the "Glow Lights" is enriched with Olaplex, which nourishes and protects the hair already during the coloring process. The "Glow Lights" are not a must, of course, and as you can see from the example of Kendall Jenner and Jaci Marie Smith, the "Glazed-Copper" look works just as well completely uniformly, i.e. without additional highlights or color gradients.

Step 4

Once all the highlight sections have been worked in evenly, Arron washes them out one by one, then comes to the crucial part of the "Glazed-Copper" trend: The Glaze and Gloss. These treatments are in fact characteristic of the extremely shiny look and radiant finish of the copper tone. A disadvantage of the reddish hair color is often a rather dull and quickly washed out effect. Not so, however, with the trend shade for fall 2022: "Glazed Copper" has a velvety and sparkling look thanks to special glaze and gloss additives and glitters in the light. My hairdresser first works on my hair with the hyped copper-colored Glaze, which again intensifies the color and makes it shine, and seals the freshly colored hair. Finally, he applies a Gloss conditioner, which he lets soak in briefly and then washes out. This provides even more shine.

Step 5

Now hairdresser Jake Davis takes over the part of blow-drying and styling. Using a medium round brush, he creates gentle waves that perfectly accentuate the natural-looking color gradient of my "Glazed Copper" look, including the "Glow Lights".

The finished result

Finally, my hair is shiny, soft, and most importantly, intensely coppery again. The result of a punishing summer for my hair is thus a thing of the past and I can look forward to fall 2022 with my "Glazed Copper" look in the best company as far as my hair color is concerned, with stars like Kendall Jenner and Jaci Marie Smith as inspiration.

"Glazed Copper: How often do you need to recolor?

"Basically, red and copper tones wash out of the hair quite quickly, but thanks to techniques like the 'Glow Lights' or natural-looking color gradients, the effort in terms of re-coloring and repeated visits to the hairdresser can be kept manageable," Arron reveals to me. Likewise, he points out that there is currently an increasing demand for copper tones, and at John Frieda Salon Mayfair in London, the hype around "Glazed Copper" is clearly noticeable. "Thanks to stars like Kendall Jenner, as well as timeless style icons like Jessica Chastain and social media trends, copper is experiencing a true renaissance. Especially considering that until now, many women with natural red tones often wanted to recolor their hair." 

Who is "Glazed Copper" for?

Due to the different shades of copper, the right solution can be found for every starting point. Those who are not yet completely ready to embrace the trend can start by integrating only individual highlights with copper undertones into their own natural hair color or experiment with treatments such as "Glow Lights," which have a subtle and natural effect. Depending on the brightness level of the desired copper tone, hair may need to be blonded in advance. For blond or light brown fans of the reddish look, "Glazed Copper" is a varied alternative that turns the hair look into an eye-catcher. And even dark-haired customers can achieve a light copper shade with the help of a professionally performed bleaching.

"Glazed Copper: Care tips

It is essential to use special shampoos and products for colored hair after coloring to give the hair an extra dose of care. Also recommended are refreshing color treatments in copper tones, which maintain the shine and enhance the pigment. My hair feels soft and healthy even after the salon appointment and the first time I wash my hair at home, which is due to the focus on moisturizing and repairing care products like Olaplex during the salon coloring process.

"Glazed" Copper: How much does it cost to dye the trendy hair color?

At John Frieda Salon Mayfair in London, coloring in the Glazed Copper look costs 100 euros, depending on the stylist. But of course the price varies depending on the salon. 

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