Interior design: what is it about

The origins of the concept “design” come from the Latin “designare” – to define, to designate. Since the Renaissance, the Italian “disegno” has denoted projects, drawings, and fundamental ideas. In England, the concept of “design” spread in the 16th century (in English design – an idea, project, drawing, drawing), a term denoting various types of design activities aimed at the formation of aesthetic and functional qualities of the object environment.

The history of the emergence of design, if design is considered an inventive activity, can begin from the times of Ancient civilizations – this is the invention of the wheel, pieces of furniture, weapons, clothes, writing utensils, hoes, axes, ceramics, weaving, etc., all these things are related to modern design objects is that they were not created for decoration, but for the sake of performing certain functions.

Interior design (interior design) is a design branch aimed at interior design. Interior design combines artistic and industrial design. The task of interior design is to combine aesthetic and functional elements of the interior design. The art of design is all about balancing these things.

The goal of interior design is a pleasant interaction created by the environment designer with people – see for inspiration.

The designer manages the entire interior design process – the layout of the room, the decoration of the room, dressing room design, the layout of lighting and engineering systems, and even the acoustics, the placement of furniture and decorative elements.

Modern trends in interior design are quite contradictory. On the one hand, there is a desire to fill the interior with various modern devices and equipment (air conditioning systems, computers, etc.), on the other hand, there is a need to get closer to nature and add natural components to the interior (greenery, swimming pools, relief fragments, transparent coatings and walls that open the interior to the natural environment).

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