Internet Freaks: Nicocado Avocado nude – From Slim Vegan to Obese Mookbanger

We all watch YouTube and have seen all kinds of stuff. We also have enough freaks who are willing to do anything for the sake of hype, but not everyone has heard of this character. So, Nicocado Avocado is an unhinged burger eater and fast food eater.

He started his career in 2014 on YouTube with videos promoting the raw food lifestyle, which he led for a total of 10 years. The young man looked fresh and energetic. He filmed the videos with his partner, Orlin, yes, he's gay. The choice of the name Avocado is due to his great love for the fruit.

Nikocado Avocado naked

Nicocado could eat 19 avocados at a time. [That already sounds weird, but come on.]

Our weirdo's name is Nicholas Perry. And he's from Kherson! He was adopted at an early age by a couple from Colombia and went to live with them in South America. In his youth he was seriously interested in playing the violin and even made a living at it.

Nikocado Avocado naked

Nikocado Avocado naked

For 7 years Nick was a vegan, cheese-eater and animal advocate. Then he created his own channel on YouTube, promoting these ideas to people, and met a guy named Orlin, who was also vegan.

That's how they got together, and later they registered their relationship.

Next, Nicholas began filming collaborations with other vegan bloggers, some of whom are mookbangers.

Nikocado Avocado nude

Mukbang (or mokpan, literally "broadcast eating," also found in the transcriptions "mokban" and "mukbang"), is a form of video blogging that is a live broadcast of eating large amounts of food, with the blogger interacting with viewers in parallel. The person doing the mokban is called a broadcast jockey (BJ), which can be translated as "broadcast host.

It originated in South Korea among students who had no time to meet their friends because they were always studying or working, so they watched people eating and chatting in the evenings. Eventually, it got twisted and evolved into food waa eri3m, and there came the ASMR offshoot of mukbang, where people chew loudly, swallow, and binge while eating.

Nikocado Avocado nude

Nikocado Avocado nude

This direction has a huge popularity and Nicholas decided to use the idea on his channel.

Even then, he started doing wild chelongs from the opera "4,000 calories in one go," which was just creepy, can you imagine how many raw fruits and vegetables you have to eat to get 4k kcal?!

Then Nick had a wedgie and released a video saying he was stopping being vegan because of how "rotten" the vegan community was. 😆 That is, not for physiological reasons, health issues or the like, but just a far-fetched excuse, for the sake of hype. The views were huge, so he continued to pedal the topic, whining and complaining about vegans and went further - made a video of him and his husband hobbling on sausage pizza for the first time.

Nikocado Avocado nude leak

Nikocado Avocado nude leak

And after that, he got carried away. He put out a challenge - 10,000 kcal at a time.

With each video he started eating more and more, acting more and more inadequate.

People started texting him, saying that they were worried he had an eating disorder, that after 10 years of veganism you can't just skip over fast food and eat that much of it. To which Nicodo turned everything inside out in his videos and said that he was fine and didn't care about the opinions of others.

Nikocado Avocado nude leak

And what else brings views? That's right, shit, drama and relationships. And here we go. In addition to tons of munchies, Nicocado got videos about his relationship with Orlin, cheating and endless whining. This tininess was captured on 6 channels, 5 of them Nick's and 6 Orlin's. The views were off the charts compared to what they used to be when they made cute videos of fruits, vegetables and other flowers.

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Of course both lovebirds are starting to get fat in a big way, the change in diet and the amount of it has not been ignored by the body.

Nick releases a video, "I'm getting fat, but I don't know why." There he whines that something is wrong with him, because why would he grow so much belly fat, because his metabolism is so fast.

So on his channel started a wild banter that crossed the boundaries of adequate. Allegedly, it's all stress and swelling, but not fat. Hmmm this reminds me of some women I know. 😆 "I hardly eat anything, why am I soaking in every direction... It's all stress from my husband, kids, etc, etc."

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I have to say, Nick knows how to make money on just about anything. He's got merch - T-shirts that say "It's all about stress," "It's water, not fat," and stuff like that. And that's what the public wants. We've also got popular "There's germs in the water, drink the dust" stuff and so on in sizes from 56 and up to infinity.

Next, Nick's whining about his problems with his husband stopped appealing to viewers and he turned to other mookbangers, attacking them on far-fetched pretexts. First he picked on Trisha Peitas, who is a singer, mukbanger and records podcasts. But here it ended okay, she even invited him to record a podcast together.

Apparently, she's okay with her head and nerves, she just gave him what he wanted, which was free PR. There Nick pounded gravy on her pink couch, which he detailed on his channel.

He was getting more and more trashy, making disgusting videos with his hair in his food, not squeamish about anything.

The gravy bashing story really hit home with the viewers, so Nicholas repeated this number more than once.

Nikocado Avocado

He picked on another mookbanger with whom he had collaborations and gave her a nervous breakdown, a girl who was not at all resistant to manipulation and shushing.

Yeah. You have to have nerves of steel to start a YouTube channel. Crowds of haters, inadequate peers, and low views can drive you nuts. Although... They also PR on this one.

Amid this situation, many other video bloggers and Nick's former friends have started posting videos with evidence of what a mean and unpleasant person and manipulator he is. Meanwhile, Nicocado, meanwhile, quickly took the position of the victim, allegedly, he has problems with his head and health in general, and people are so angry that they don't understand and don't feel sorry for him.

But that's not all. 🤦🏻♀️ Apparently the hype on YouTube was not enough for him and he and Orlin started a page on a paid site. There they posted disgusting videos and pictures for money. Those who bought a subscription just for fun, just to see what was going on, then wanted to "develop" it all, but alas.

  • I need a therapist after what I saw.
  • An exorcism, more like.
  • Oh, yeah. That's just disgusting!

That's what ⬆️ people who bought subscriptions to this whole freak circus were saying.

Now Nicodo seems to have stopped attacking and making shit up, now he has a new thing - pretending he has health problems and disabilities. 🤷🏻♀️

And he recently bought a penthouse in Las Vegas for $2,300,000. So there you have it.

Nikocado Avocado

I even found one on one petition site called "Get Nicocado Avocado off YouTube." One woman complains that her daughter became depressed after watching this character's videos. 🤷🏻♀️

No one is going to take it down, it brings in millions of views and therefore a lot of money. Freaks of all kinds have entertained the public since the dawn of time. And parents should pay more attention to what their children watch and how much time they spend on the Internet.  Translated with (free version)


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