IT talent sourcing in 2022

Relationships between programmers and HRs are like relationships with girls before and after marriage. At first they are cute and playful, but once you are "hunted", the fairy tale ends.

A few words about the HR profession

The profession of an HR specialist is one of the most sought-after and promising new specialties that have emerged over the past ten years. Where are future HR specialists trained, what is behind these two letters and what qualities are needed for such a specialist?

HR should provide the company with the best personnel, create conditions for the professional development of everyone and increase motivation.

HR professionals themselves like to translate their profession as “talent management” and candidate sourcing. The main task is to consider people not as a resource, but as talents, for everyone trying to find the best use in the company.

An HR worker deals directly with people, so the scope of the company is not always important for him. Today there are such specialists in every reputable company. And young developing projects, first of all, strive to get a good HR specialist in their staff.

HRs do not develop or sell the company's product, but are responsible for the competent support of the work process. In the IT industry, this is important, as managers here are often highly qualified experts, but without people management skills. And HR suggests how to motivate employees, to whom to entrust which project, to whom to make a mentor, because he likes to share experience, and to whom it is enough to give a work scheme and help with career growth.

Why IT professionals are valued in the labor market

Many people talk about high pay for programmers. Some complain that companies themselves overheat the market and spoil IT people. In fact, nothing strange is happening, just another trend of the free market: high demand creates high wages.

When there are fewer programmers than the market needs, another problem arises: people with mediocre skills demand high salaries. It becomes more difficult to look for specialists, because you can’t understand by the price tag whether a good programmer is in front of you or not. It also happens that a person has completed six-month courses at an unknown IT academy and wants to sell his knowledge for a high price. Therefore, HRs who work in IT need high-quality selection tools.

ATS Extension Matchminer

ATS HR systems

Assessment Center is a method of comprehensive assessment of personnel. With the help of a set of exercises: cases, discussions, role-playing games based on business scenarios, the real qualities of employees are assessed - their psychological and professional characteristics, suitability for the position, potential opportunities.

The future employee receives different tasks: choose items that he will take with him to a desert island, imagine himself in the role of CEO, or decide to launch a project. After he plays out these situations, the HR gives him points for each skill. The Assessment Center allows you to check not only soft skills, but also the compliance of the employee's cultural values ​​with the values ​​of the company.

Nowadays there exist a lot of sourcing tools for recruiters and specialized software for CV parsing and candidate assessment - is a good example. Special techniques are needed, as there are standard errors of human perception that distort the assessment of a specialist in an unstructured (free) interview. Therefore, an algorithm is important, a specific scenario that helps to communicate with the candidate. HR needs to educate managers: create a candidate profile together, determine what is important for the position, select questions. A ready-made skills assessment template must be strictly followed, but it does not give a 100% guarantee of choosing the right candidate, but only increases the chances of successful hiring.

How HRs Hire IT Specialists

What did a big lady in HR used to do? I looked at the diploma and entries in the work book. Today, the priority is mindset and set of skills, that is, a set of beliefs and skills. These are more than the usual hard skills. In many companies, it is important how a person fits into the team, whether he has the necessary qualities to work in it.

For example, sometimes an employee must understand that they will have to step out of their comfort zone and take on a burning task. This is not very suitable for a large structure, as the system of interaction within the company is disrupted, but in a small team of 5–10 people it is a useful skill.

Soft skills are just as important as hard skills, but they are difficult to evaluate

If the hard skills of a programmer or other IT specialist are easy to check by ordinary testing for knowledge of programming languages ​​or other skills, then other tools and techniques are used for soft skills. At the same time, it is more difficult to choose a good product than a programmer.

There are techniques in HR that help predict the performance of a future employee, and not just rely on subjective feelings from communication. For example, instead of an unstructured interview, when an HR asks questions in a free form, they use structured questionnaires designed specifically to assess skills, when a candidate is evaluated according to certain templates, and an assessment center.

Comments about IT talent sourcing in 2022

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