Kendall Jenner’s evening routine and what she can’t live without

Kendall Jenner gives an inside look at her evening routine and shows us her bedtime favorites: from skincare to her favorite pajamas.

Kendall Jenner shows her evening routine and what she can't live without

For Kendall Jenner, her pre-bedtime routine is more than just a necessary process, which includes taking care of her skin and teeth (since 2019, she's been working with oral care company Moon, with whom she recently launched her first collection). "I like to switch off in the evening," Jenner explains in an interview with VOGUE. "I usually drink tea and relax by reading a book or writing in my journal." Over the past year, Jenner has spoken openly about her anxiety, and she's found that a conscious evening routine helps calm her thoughts. "I've struggled with anxiety for years, and there are good days and bad days," Jenner explains. "When I want to calm down, I always take 15 minutes to meditate so I can sleep well at night."

Kendall Jenner's evening routine helps her cope with her anxiety

Jenner revealed what she can't live without at night, from her teeth whitening pen to her sister's pajamas from Skims. And her bedding? Jenner is keeping that secret to herself for now.

What's on your nightstand?

An insulated water bottle is always good. When I have it with me, it reminds me to drink water throughout the day, so it's also on my nightstand. I usually take the one from Takeya. So, always drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, the Rose Mint Teeth Whitening Pen for a quick whitening effect, and a soothing scented candle. I love the MAD et LEN candle for my bedroom, it smells amazing. I like to buy the "black champaka", it fills the room with a soothing, warm aroma.

Do you look at your phone at night before you go to bed?

I try not to have my phone near my bed at night. I usually make an effort to stop looking at my phone at least an hour before bed.

What is your favorite bedding?

My bedding is my biggest secret!

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Blackout curtains or sunlight?

I love both, but my blackout curtains are just great. If I have the time to sleep in, I always take advantage of that option.

What items in your routine do you do every night, and which ones only once in a while?

My standard skin care routine and MOON oral care are part of my routine every night. Some nights, I expand my skincare routine with additional products, serums and cleansers. For my face, I prefer to use gentle products like the Clean Natural Facial Cleanser from my dermatologist, Christie Kidd. When it comes to serum, I always use SkinCeuticals Vitamin C E Ferulic.

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Do you have a set bedtime?

During the week and when I'm home, I usually go to bed at the same time. When I'm on the road, it's much harder to keep that bedtime, but I try. I find it helps me stay consistent.

With or without an alarm clock?

I usually have to work every day, so with an alarm clock! I also like to get up early to ride my horse, so I usually set an alarm. But every once in a while, I love to change it up and just sleep in a bit. I set my morning alarm on my phone when I'm at home or working while traveling.

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What are your favorite pajamas?

The pajamas from SKIMS, of course!

What would you say keeps you up at night? And what do you do on those nights when you can't fall asleep to get some rest?

My anxiety. I've struggled with anxiety for years, and there are good days and bad days. When I need to calm down, I take 15 minutes to meditate so I can calm down and get a good night's sleep.