Kendall Jenner shows off huge butt tattoo – and this personal meaning is behind it

We already know that Kendall Jenner is a big tattoo fan. Now she shows herself in the context of a photo shoot with her most striking motif so far – and that has a very special meaning.

Kendall Jenner shows herself with butt tattoo – and this meaning is behind it

Personal tattoos are still the most beautiful. That Kendall Jenner is a big fan of motifs with meaning, she showed already a few months ago, when she got a tattoo of a tiny little cowboy boot, as a tribute to her boyfriend Devin Booker. But her supposed new tattoo is anything but small and inconspicuous – quite the opposite!

Kendall Jenner with huge butt tattoo

On September 29, Kendall Jenner posted on Instagram some pictures of her latest photoshoot and one of them shows her with a huge scorpion on her butt. The photo was part of a series of images taken by photographer Stevie Dance for the 45th issue of Pop Magazine. She also shared it on her Instagram account.

To directly resolve the speculation: The scorpion on the buttocks of the 26-year-old is not a real tattoo. For the clarification provides a very specific comment under the post of Stevie Dance: “If @stevie_dance asks you to draw a scorpion with your hand and do it quickly … then you just go ahead,” Fara Homidi commented on the photo. Because: it is the work of the makeup artist.

This meaning is behind the scorpion

As mentioned, the model also posted a number of images from the shoot on her Instagram account – including just the scorpion moment (on Slide 2) and writes underneath: “We get it, you’re a Scorpio.”

At the latest, Kendall Jenner’s description provides the quite personal meaning behind the motif: the scorpion stands for her zodiac sign. The model was born on 03.11.2022 – and probably loves to emphasize her date of birth in the form of her zodiac sign. Kendall is also totally in trend with her “tattoo”, because astrological motifs are just becoming more and more popular. Even if it is “only” a drawing, the giant scorpion makes a real impression – and we’re already curious whether her next real tattoo might really become one.