Kendall Jenner shows: this styling trick will turn any jumper into an on-trend piece for winter 2023

It's the end of November and you already feel like you can't see your jumpers anymore? Here's the perfect Kendall Jenner styling trick to give jumper looks a new twist in an instant.

Jumper plus jeans. Jumper plus skirt. Jumper plus dress. Jumper plus trousers. The question of THE key piece in winter is more than settled, because there is hardly any other piece of clothing that we wear as much and as often in the cold months as classic jumpers. Kendall Jenner knows that too! The model wears knits remarkably often - and now shows us what simple styling trick we can use to upgrade the classic winter look in an instant.

Kendall Jenner shows us an ingenious styling trick that works with any jumper

The model posted a series of pictures on Instagram at the end of November 2022, in which her jumper styling in particular catches our eye. Kendall Jenner goes for a rather simple all-black look, consisting of a black turtleneck jumper and, it looks like, a slim skirt in the same colour. How does she enhance the tone-on-tone outfit? By adding a striking black waist belt (including belt bag!). And that's the whole styling trick on how you can quickly give any of your jumpers a new look in winter 2022/2023: Tailor it! Either do what Kendall Jenner did and go for a monochrome jumper and belt match, or choose a contrasting accessory in bright colours. If you don't have a belt at hand, you can also waist a rather light jumper with a triangular scarf. Or you can take a normal hip belt and wear it with a cool belt knot, so that the end doesn't dangle around (a tutorial for this can be found here!).

Kendall Jenner's belt trick is not only practical - it's also a fashion trend

And the best thing is: the outfit hack is not only super quick (we predict: under a minute, that's all it takes!), but you're also tapping into one of the biggest fashion trends of the moment. For autumn/winter 2022/2023, the collections of the major labels are full of waist-enhancing pieces - be it with a belt or with fitted cuts.