Kendall Jenner wears one of THE on-trend jumpers for winter 2022 that’s also a true classic

Winter time is jumper time! Kendall Jenner shows us which model should not be missing from your wardrobe, not only in 2022.

After the seasonal change to autumn, jumpers are always our hero pieces in the wardrobe. No wonder, because: No other piece is easier to create a look in autumn and winter - hardly any can be combined in a more versatile way. Whether in the office or in everyday life. With dresses or jeans. Kendall Jenner probably thinks so too! The model was spotted in New York at the beginning of November wearing one of the 2022 trend jumpers.

Kendall Jenner: Her crew-neck jumper is both a trend and a classic

And the best thing is: Kendall Jenner's jumper is not only trendy right now, but also a true classic that no well-stocked wardrobe should be without. We are talking about crew-neck jumpers. In other words, those with a rather minimalist cut and a round neckline, which, like Kendall Jenner's, are available knitted from wool or sweat fabric. In chunky or fine knit.

This is how Kendall Jenner styles her trend jumper - and these are some more easy styling ideas

Kendall Jenner has opted for a more chunky knit version in a dark shade and wears her jumper with colour-coordinated trousers. A second look also reveals a skilful layering trick: Under the jumper, the 27-year-old lets a contrasting, tight-fitting longsleeve peek out. The extra layer is not only great for a warmer look, but also adds a certain something to an otherwise basic outfit - especially because it's not a simple longsleeve, but one with thumbholes. By the way, we just found one at Cos!

We love this everyday look by Kendall Jenner - and have several more in mind for her timelessly beautiful jumper. How about combining it with a midi dress and maybe even wearing a waist belt? Or instead of a scarf, drape it over your shoulders as a kind of stole and wear it with a blazer or a thin coat? The classic trend jumper also creates a very stylish everyday look with the popular leggings. Simply layer it over an oversized shirt and then combine it with knee-high boots.

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