Kendall Jenner wears the perfect heels for all who otherwise actually prefer to reach for sneakers

Kendall Jenner channels Audrey Hepburn to give us the perfect sneaker alternative for spring.

Kendall Jenner is definitely one of the most polarizing celebrity personalities of our time. She may not know how to cut cucumbers, but when it comes to fashion, she is multi-talented. Just recently, the model proved her style prowess in an extremely elegant all-black look that we instantly fell in love with. Why we were particularly taken with the shoes Kendall Jenner chose to go with it, and why you should definitely get to know them, you can read here.

Kendall Jenner: This shoe choice of the model replaces from now on our sneakers

The fact that Kendall Jenner is fashionably extremely changeable, she demonstrates not only on the catwalk. Just in January, the model wowed us in a mega revealing naked dress, but most recently she showed herself more covered up in a classy black and monochrome look in an Instagram post - Old Hollywood vibes included! For this, she tucked a top with a deep U-neck into an elegant midi skirt and combined it with a black scarf wrapped around her head and rectangular black sunglasses. Our absolute highlight of the look: Kendall Jenner's shoe choice! She chose black kitten heels, which give the outfit a totally classy Audrey Hepburn look and are also the perfect choice for everyone who actually prefers sneakers. Why do we find kitten heels so ingenious? Because they look totally elegant and thanks to their low heels you can easily last all day - or all night - on them! What more could you want?

This is why you should follow Kendall Jenner's lead

We feel absolute empathy for all the high-heeled muffleheads of this world: to consistently reach for sneakers we feel is extremely justified. After all, little is more exhausting - and painful - for many than spending several hours in high heels. But we promise, kitten heels are the perfect compromise to combine the best of both worlds: they're cozier than completely tall alternatives and make any look look more elegant. To look super elegant, like Kendall Jenner, you don't necessarily need a scarf or midi skirt for that either: kitten heels work at least as well with classic straight-leg jeans, suit pants or your favorite dress. Just try them out, and: Thank us later!