Kim Kardashian and the ‘Forza Roma!’ style. More than football, celebrities like t-shirts

Football uniforms, possibly vintage, are now chic. Kim Kardashian sports one from Roma in Los Angeles, but other stars have done so in the past. Now there is one more reason to jealously guard that team shirt from the 1990s in your wardrobe.

Sporty look, definitely. Fruit of chance? Let's not speak heresy. Kim Kardashian is, without a shadow of a doubt, the one who strays the furthest from chance because she studies each of her outfits to the hilt, as well as the one worn in Los Angeles to attend a basketball game by her daughter North West.

Sporty chic outfit for the super influencer, with a long braid, mask sunglasses and an oversized Roma jersey that almost hides her black cycling shorts. Of all things, it goes without saying that it is the Capitoline team's sports uniform that catches the eye. Among other things, a vintage model dating back to the 1997/98 football season.

Roma fans were in raptures (alas, Lazio fans a little less so) and, of course, the photo could not fail to be taken by the football team's account, complete with a red heart and a nice 'Mamma mia, Kim'. But the one sported by the founder of SKIMS - far from questioning her football faith and her love for the eternal city - is the result of a trend that is making a comeback.

In fact, back in 2014, Miley Cyrus tried her hand at a very similar look. Under the voluminous black Chanel bomber jacket, combined with dark leggings, the singer wore a Manchester United shirt. A plus point for Miley because everything is perfectly coordinated, from the black of the shirt's collar to the red of the nail polish that echoes the shade of the Red Devils T-shirt. And here, too, the English team thanked her with a 'Nice to have you on board'.

On the male front, too, there is no shortage of examples. For example Drake in 2016 not only went viral thanks to his Hotline Bling but also thanks to a photo in which he posed wearing the Juventus away jersey, plus the number 10 that French footballer Paul Pogba wore in the 2015/2016 season. Pink jersey and sunglasses palette, a coordinated look that shows how the rapper appreciates this shade so far from the canonical black and white stripes.

There's no denying it, celebrities love football team uniforms. From Robert Downey Jr. in a Celtic shirt to Macaulay Culkin, who was spotted wearing a West Ham shirt in 2017.

Bright colours, collars that wink at the silhouette of a polo shirt rather than a T-shirt. In short, good old stadium attire, unhinged from the stands and taken to the streets, is winning everyone over, but everyone. Even this particular ensemble was able to fascinate the users of TikTok with whom they created a trend: the Bloke Core.

An aesthetic that is based on vintage football uniforms - whether of Inter Milan or the Argentine national team, it doesn't matter - to which a pair of comfortable jeans or baggy trousers and, possibly, trainers is matched.

Today, wearing a football uniform is no longer just about flaunting one's sporting faith or supporting one's favourite team, but has become incredibly glamorous. That old t-shirt from the 90s - with the 3D sponsor, perhaps with an eccentric pattern or with 'daring' (not to say sometimes too much even for the strong of stomach) combinations - has become an exquisite joker to be chic without going crazy. Something that the clever Kim Kardashian, with her Roma shirt, knows well... very well.