Kim Kardashian swaps her platinum blonde for “honey hair” – and delivers the most ingenious blonde trend for 2023

Kim Kardashian swaps her platinum blonde for "honey hair" - and delivers the most ingenious blonde trend for 2023.

Kim Kardashian is the queen of transformations and has worn just about every hair colour, every haircut and countless wigs.Since her appearance as Marilyn Monroe at the Met Gala in spring 2022, however, the entrepreneur and influencer has been relying on radiant white platinum blonde for quite some time. Until now!

Kim Kardashian shows off her new "honey hair" colour

While visiting the Art Basel fair currently taking place in Miami, Kim Kardashian swapped her platinum blonde for a new blonde hair colour: Honey Hair! The warm hair colour is a contrast to the otherwise rather cool ice blonde - and fits in with the current hair colour trends that are drifting into warmer colour worlds like "Winter Gold Hair" or "Tiramisu Blonde".

Kim Kardashian stands out with her new hair colour

Kim Kardashian's followers really like her new look, as numerous comments prove. "I love your honey hair," writes one enthusiastic follower. "The hair colour really suits you," another wrote.

Kim Kardashian now looks like sister Khloé.

What is certainly most striking is the similarity between Kim Kardashian's new hair colour and that of her sister Khloé Kardashian. She has also been wearing the warm blonde shade for a while - and used it as a transition from her previous brunette hair colour to blonde.

Either way, we think the warm blonde shade really flatters both Kardashian sisters. And that's why we'd like to include it in our next haircut asap!