Kim Kardashian wears a side parting – and looks totally changed with it

It's back: the side parting. Kim Kardashian also wears it and proves how much influence it has on one's own look whether one wears the parting in the middle or on the side.

Attention: Kim Kardashian now wears her hair parted on the side, proving that the hairstyle loved by millennials is cool again. And also that stars really are like us: They also like to change their hairstyle sometimes after a breakup.

Kim Kardashian with new hairstyle: she now wears a side parting

Kim Kardashian showcased her sleek platinum blonde look in a series of photos on Instagram, along with the caption "Time will always tell," and we totally agree, Kim. Time will tell… that side-parted hairstyles are indeed pretty cool and still in style, no matter what TikTok teens and Gen-Z say.

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, who is responsible for the Kardashians star's new look, also shared snaps from the set on social media, "Ladies, it's official! Side Part Swag," he wrote on the post, confirming our point of view. See. Side-parts are back! And since Appleton regularly styles Jennifer Lopez's hair, we're looking forward to seeing her with side parting soon.

These stars are also already wearing side parted hairstyles

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Until then, we have discovered many other celebrities who have already opted for the side parting. Lindsay Lohan wore it just this week in a selfie that looked like a wedding photo, and Megan Fox wore a cool side part hairstyle earlier this summer (check out pictures here!).

Actress Aubrey Plaza has emerged as the queen of bob, side parting and fringe hairstyles in recent months (by the way, you can find the most beautiful bob hairstyles with side parting here), which means that the side parting from the mid-2010s has really returned.

Moreover, some Generation Z celebrities even welcome the end of the reign of the center parting, as Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney ably demonstrates.

Okay, so does this mean we can wear skinny jeans again? I'm asking for a friend who was born between 1981 and 1996….