Kourtney Kardashian speaks openly about how her body has changed after artificial insemination – and gives other women encouragement

In a new episode of “The Kardashians”, Kourtney Kardashian now talks about changes to her body when she and her husband Travis Barker underwent artificial insemination. In a so-called in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment, fertilisation does not take place in the woman’s body, but artificially in a laboratory. This almost always requires hormone treatment.

While preparing for a photo shoot, Kourtney Kardashian told her team, “Of course my body changed, but that was because of all the hormones the doctors gave me.” She explained that the eight months of IVF treatment “definitely took a toll on my body, both mentally and physically.” The 43-year-old continued, “It took me a long time to feel really comfortable and happy with the changes.” Indeed, she has come to appreciate her figure. “My butt is amazing,” she remarked as she styled herself for the shoot. “I’m so into my curvier body. When I look at photos of my body when I was so skinny, it’s kind of scary …”

Kourtney Kardashian and her new attitude towards her weight

Kourtney also said that the times when she was very thin actually coincided with times when she was very anxious. “Not about eating. Not about maintaining a certain weight. But because of toxic relationships. I’ve always been like, if I’m super skinny, I just know I’m not happy.”

It seems Travis Barker has helped her see herself in a new way: “Every day Travis says, ‘You’re perfect.’ If I complain just once, he says, ‘You’re perfect. You’re so good … You’ve never been better.’ Having a partner who is so supportive and always compliments me no matter what has helped me really embrace the changes. So much so, that I love the changes now.”