Learning to “Float” in Mikaila Murphy’s latest single

Find strength in learning how to float in Mikaila Murphy‘s latest single, “Float.” Bridging her background as an artist with her artistry was a catalyst to Mikaila Murphy‘s latest single, “Float.” The punchy alt-Pop sound is one that Murphy is known for, but this song brings a new side to her fans. The music video for “Float” showcases Murphy’s ability to push her art and dancing skills to create a visual narrative with equal parts compelling and catharsis.

Float is a beautiful piece of music. Was there a particular moment that inspired you to create it?

I sat by the ocean one afternoon and thought of a bunch words and phrases that referenced the ocean. I didn’t think I’d ever use them, but a couple weeks after I wrote them down, I went to the float session and I decided to sing about love and the ocean in a new song.

Can you tell us what the concept was behind the music video’s concept?

My producer G and I wanted an uplifting song that I could dance too and show off my real artistry. When I listened to float more, so many great ideas came to mind! We knew we had to go home to Michigan and visit our favorite lake (Huron Lake in Tawas) to shoot the video. What were your biggest challenges in creating the visuals for the song?The hardest part was finding a location that would work for both the song and the video. We found a place called “The Float Studio” in Detroit where they do amazing things with water. They built a huge pool and a floating stage. It was really cool because we got to film the whole thing. We also had to find a bunch of kids who looked like me and could act like me. It was hard to find people who looked like me and acted like me.

What three songs would you choose to play during your perfect day?

Let’s not get carried away by chain smokers – this song makes me feel good and it makes me dance. No promises by Cheat Codes and DeMi Lovato! It reminds of the summers cruising down the road with my top of the car rolled back. Finally, Chasing cars by Sleepy At Last. I love listening that song while hanging out in my egg chair looking up at the stars.

Dance is an extremely common passion within the world of entertainment today?

In order to integrate both passions together, I was given the opportunity to write songs that would fit the vision of a dancer. It has been amazing because I get to do what I love every day! I am able to express myself through writing and dancing. I can also make music that fits the needs of dancers. I really enjoy being able to do that!

Are any other artists in the industry that we should keep our eyes open for?

Molly Moore, CassiDi, and Faang. Each of them inspires me so much.

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