Lizzo duets with Cardi B in a hit with millions of views, but bursts into tears of “fat-phobic” criticism

The singer shared her outburst on YouTube after continuing controversy over her abundant forms.

With body-shaming, which in her case is more of a fat-shaming, or a form of discrimination against fat people, she has always been confronted but this time Lizzo has decided to let off steam in a long live broadcast shared on YouTube. He did it a few hours after the release of the new single “Rumors” in which he duets with Cardi B and which has obtained over 10 million views in a very short time: “I’m trying to transmit a lot of positive energy in the world, but sometimes I feel that the world does not love me “, said the singer regretted by the many criticisms on her weight received after the publication of the video of the song.

Three-time Grammy-winning singer and actress Lizzo has always been the queen of “body positive” and on multiple occasions has attacked haters with provocative videos and shots that judge people by weight, emphasizing everyone’s right to be happy with her body: “I am beautiful, strong, I do my job and I feel good”, the American rapper has repeatedly stated.

After the release of “Rumors” and the video inspired by Greek mythology, however, and the persistent controversy over her physical form, Lizzo did not hold up.

“He’s fat phobic, he’s racist and he’s offensive. If you don’t like my music it’s fine, if you don’t like Rumors it’s great, but a lot of people don’t like me because of my looks,” said the tearful singer explaining how. has always overlooked criticism without being scratched by it, but how after such an important project as “Rumors” it was sad to have to read the constant insults of some: “Rumors cost me a grueling job of writing, showing and promoting. sensitive and that makes me feel very down. I feel hurt “and added:” For people who always have something negative to say about me, which has nothing to do with music or my activity as an artist, and it just has to do with my body or whatever else you think, suck my *** from behind because I strive to feel joy every single day … but I get sadness, exhaustion, anger, annoyance, fatigue and insecurity. On the road to joy there are all these pit- stop, and I just passed it “.

Cardi B did not hesitate to defend her friend and colleague and on Twitter said her: “When you defend yourself, they say you are problematic. When you don’t, they tear you apart until you cry like that. Whether you are thin, fat , plastic, will always try to put their insecurities on you “.

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