Hasan _magicman
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Hasan _magicman

Who is Hasan _magicman?

Hasan _magicman is a well-known TikToker from India . The profile tiktok.com/@hasan_iceman is one of the most popular on TikTok in 2023.

Why is Hasan _magicman popular on TikTok?

As of Monday 29th of May 2023, Hasan _magicman has about 50000 followers on TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@hasan_iceman. Among the posts there are musical videos, fun moments and other typical tik toks, much appreciated by India audience.

As described in the profile, Hasan _magicman focuses on the following:

  • — Tiktok audience growth in 2023
  • — Instagram profile promotion: Instagram.com/hasan_iceman

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What is Hasan _magicman net worth?

This information is not disclosed. However, taking into account the number of followers (50000 in 05/2023), we estimate Hasan _magicman net worth to be roughly $3000.

Other TikTokers like Hasan _magicman

Hasan _magicman produces unique content, so it is quite difficult to compare him to other tiktokers from India . Unlike Corinna Kopf 🤪, Hasan _magicman does not produce "hot" adult content and does not participate in our hottest tik tok girls short list. Obviously, we cannot compare Hasan _magicman with megnutt because of her huge breasts 😍 On the other hand, unlike Billie Eilish, in 2023 Hasan _magicman is not that focused on musical content.

We also cannot make direct comparison with iconic Charlie Damelio called also TikTok Queen. If Hasan _magicman starts streaming like Belle Delphine it may lead to a significant audience growth 🤑.

Another group of Tiktokers to compare with Hasan _magicman are those coming from Instagam with their own India audience: lorengray, brookemonk, savaschultz and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears (she has a TikTok profile as well!), Amber Heard and even Elizabeth Olsen.

Hasan _magicman on TikTok

From India

161.2K fans

Get in touch with Hasan _magicman — a TikTok user from India .

How many followers does Hasan _magicman have?

Now there are about 161.2K followers on TikTok. Numbers are rapidly changing though. Hasan _magicman follows 40 other TikTok users.

Can Hasan _magicman be an influencer for my brand?

Statistics show that Hasan _magicman got around 1.5M views. The average engagement rate (views per follower) is 621%. Check if this value is good for you.

Hasan _magicman TikTok advertisement costs

We assume the ad pricing for Hasan _magicman to be about ~ $100 per publication. This is a rough estimation, although we hope it could help you to work out the fair price together with Hasan _magicman.

How many people could I reach by advertising on Hasan _magicman TikTok account?

The potential reach is about 20000 people. However, it can be much greater if the video gets into TikTok reccommended videos.

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