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From India

148.1K fans

Get in touch with HOME REMEDIES — a TikTok user from India .

How many followers does HOME REMEDIES have?

Now there are about 148.1K followers on TikTok. Numbers are rapidly changing though. HOME REMEDIES follows 917 other TikTok users.

Can HOME REMEDIES be an influencer for my brand?

Statistics show that HOME REMEDIES got around 2.1M views. The average engagement rate (views per follower) is 1351%. Check if this value is good for you.

HOME REMEDIES TikTok advertisement costs

We assume the ad pricing for HOME REMEDIES to be about ~ $200 per publication. This is a rough estimation, although we hope it could help you to work out the fair price together with HOME REMEDIES .

How many people could I reach by advertising on HOME REMEDIES TikTok account?

The potential reach is about 40000 people. However, it can be much greater if the video gets into TikTok reccommended videos.

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TikTok Houses | What is it and how do they make money?

These are the houses in which bloggers live and “brew content” without stopping. This phenomenon is relatively new, although the first houses for YouTubers appeared several years ago. But it was in the last six months that bloggers' houses began to appear en masse and mainly for TikTok bloggers. So they even began to be called "tiktok houses".

One of the most famous houses is The Hype House. It emerged in late 2019, when a company of 19 Tiktokers decided to rent a house in Los Ang...

Who are Tiktokers?

To begin with, TikTok is a relatively young, but already very popular social network, which was released by the Beijing-based ByteDance in 2016. The peak of popularity fell on 2018.

The difference between TikTok and other social networks The essence of this social network is to post short videos. Basically, this platform is loved by adolescents, although the older generation may also be interesting. Thanks to TikTok, many people have declared themselves to the whole world. It is cus...

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