Mobile Games for couples

Would you like to snuggle up with your partner and play a game on the same phone? Check out these lovely mobile games for couples!

Spending time with your partner is difficult during childbirth. Especially if you live in different cities. However, here are the top 5 mobile games for couples!

The games are great fun to play with your friends and family. They'll keep you competitive or let you work together to solve big puzzles.

Playing with your boyfriend or girlfriend will make your bond even stronger. Here are the top 5 games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Chain reaction

Chain Reaction is a casual strategy game made by an experienced game development agency where they both say "Wow!" when chain reactions of the same name jump.

They take turns placing points in a large grid of cells, with each cell having up to four points. Once a cell has reached its maximum, it will jump and send a point to each neighboring cell, claiming the points in those cells, and when these cells reach their maximum, they will jump as well.

Chain reactions can get pretty intense and it's everyone's game until the end. A fun game for couples who like strategy games that are not overwhelmingly deep or complex.

Words with friends 2

Words with Friends 2 is simply a better version of the Scrabble board game. The object of the game is to form words from the limited number of letters available to you. It is a lot of fun to play with your partner and understand what kind of words he is playing. The key that differs from Scrabble is the random board. Each new game will have a random board with different fields for double and triple points. This makes every game unique and interesting. Words with Friends also has a lot of different game modes to keep you busy if you get bored of the classic game.


Quizoid is just a simple trivia game for mobile devices, but it is well done. With over 7,000 questions and three different game modes (which is the longest series, how many of the 20 are correct, and how many within a time limit), it's fun!

It's technically a single-player game, but there's no reason the two of you can't play. They will probably go much further than they could alone!

An advantage of Quizoid is that you can play completely offline. If the two of you are ever stuck without Wi-Fi or mobile data, such as on a flight or a long train ride, Quizoid can help you kill time.


Battletext is an addicting little game that will test your vocabulary. It will challenge your brain to think of new words and it will also test your text messaging speed. The aim of the game is very simple. You need to enter a word that starts with your opponent's last letter. If you write a long word, you will get more points. But you can't waste a lot of time thinking about a long word since you will have to answer in seconds or you will lose the game.

Guess the song

For music fans, Guess the Song is a fun mobile game where you can compete against each other in a fight to see who can identify the songs the fastest.

Each player takes one side of the phone. A random song will play and you will be given four response options for each, either the song title or the artist name. It's harder than you think!

You can choose different categories of music for the fight, such as Love Songs or One Hit Wonders or Female Singers. You can also unlock dozens of additional categories, but they cost a few dollars each.

Couple Game – Relationship Quiz

Relationship quiz is very similar to the Newly Wed game. This game tests how well you know your partner. Everyone has to answer some questions. In the nest part it can get very interesting. Your partner needs to guess the answer you gave him. If your guess is correct, you will be awarded a point. Whoever has the highest number of points wins. But the real winner is your relationship. This is a great game to keep in touch when you are miles away.


Chess is a classic game of skill. This is a great game if you and your partner love mental challenges and a bit of competition. The game has many different modes that you can play with your partner. The classic long game of chess is one of the most popular. Chess also has a puzzle battle mode where you have to solve puzzles in moments of time shortage. Both players receive the same puzzles. If you make a mistake on a move, you will get a strike. The winner is the player who solves the most puzzles in the given time.

Ludo King

Rounding out our list is another classic board game, Ludo. Ludo King is the best Ludo game available on the Play Store. You can play it remotely on different devices or on a single phone. It has some extra features like voice chat and emojis that add to the competitive spirit of the game. Ludo King also has some additional games like 6 person Ludo and another classic board game, Snakes and Ladders.


Video games are a great way to connect, and this is especially true in romantic relationships.

Competitive games can be fun and opportunities for gentle mockery for seasoned players, but if they tend to provoke uncomfortable behavior, you can always opt for cooperative games. Either way, video games provide a common opportunity for laughing and entertainment.

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